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NinjaVan is reliable and innovative last-mile delivery. With a focus on e-commerce, NinjaVan provides businesses with innovative technology-based solutions to optimise their logistics and achieve their business needs.

Ninja Van, launched in 2014, is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing last-mile logistics company.

Ninja Van is passionate about breaking the bottlenecks in logistics in South East Asia and they look to deliver innovative and scalable logistics solutions to businesses of all sizes.

NinjaVan Delivery Statuses

Staging - Staging means shipper/seller still not confirmed regarding the pickup reservations from their end. Once they confirmed, it will be picked up by Ninjavan Drivers.

Pending Pickup - Pending pick up means the seller has already committed to giving it to Ninjavan by a certain time.

Van En-Route To Pickup - A van has been dispatched to pick up Order.

En-route to Sorting Hub - Order has been picked up and is en-route to Sorting Hub.

Arrived at Sorting Hub - Order has arrived at Sorting Hub and has been processed successfully.

On Vehicle for Delivery - Order is on van, en-route to delivery.

Completed - Delivery has been successfully completed.

Pending Reschedule - Delivery has failed and the Order is pending re-schedule. Kindly reschedule your order for next delivery attempt.

Pickup fail - Pickup has failed and the Order is awaiting re-schedule.

Cancelled - Order has been cancelled.

Arrived at Distribution Point - The parcel has been placed at the Distribution Point for customer collection.

Pending Pickup at Distribution Point - The parcel has been placed at the Distribution Point by seller for Ninjavan collection.

Transfer to 3PL (3rd party logistic) - It’s a cross border item, that was handed over to 3rd party logistic.

Returned to Sender - Delivery of Order has failed repeatedly, It’s been send back to Sender.

About NinjaVan

Ninja Van was founded in 2014 by Lai Chang Wen, who turned down a scholarship to venture into entrepreneurship. He had zero knowledge of logistics then, and had to learn everything from scratch. The startup is now in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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