SyTrack - SunYou

Chinese logistics company

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Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Sunyou Logistics Co.,Ltd provides a range of services ranging from Shunyoubao special lines, Sunyoutong small packets Global express delivery & warehousing etc. It has over 30,000 square meters of package-handling and storage centers in each transfer center and process hundreds of thousands of international parcels per day.

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SyTrack - SunYou tracking statuses

Status Description
Item Sent to BRAZIL
Departed transit country
Arrived in transit country
Departed Hong Kong Airport
Item Posted Over The Counter to Brazil
Departed Sunyou Facility
Dispatch PreAlert to Brazil
Acceptance, Sent to BRAZIL
Item Arrived at Russian Fed.
Item Posted Over The Counter to Russian Fed.
Dispatch PreAlert to Russian Fed.
Change of delivery address
Import Received HUB
Consignment in Warehouse
Import received at destination depot
The consignment has been onforwarded for transportation to a destination
Allocated to a unit / container or separately in truck
Released from customs
Consignment data transhipped
Entered to warehouse
Item Posted Over The Counter to Russian Fed.
Dispatch PreAlert to Russian Fed.
Acceptance, Sent to UKRAINE
Pre Alert to UKRAINE