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The Universal Postal Union (UPU; the international abbreviated name is UPU, from fr. Union Postale Universelle and the Universal Postal Union) was founded in 1874 by an interstate organization to provide and improve postal relations in the single postal territory formed by the Universal Postal Union. It unites almost all countries of the world.

With the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874, uniform postal rates were first established for sending letters and other postage abroad.

UPU tracking package

UPU tracking number looks like XX000000000XX, where first 2 letters are used to describe package type, each country assigns its own meaning to those letters. Last 2 letters are 2-letter originating country ISO code. The digits between letters are used to uniquely identify package within UPU system.

UPU Tasks

The Universal Postal Union is focusing on the following tasks:

Establishing uniform international postal services and facilitating the exchange of international mail through the Universal Postal Convention and additional agreements

Assistance to postal cooperation of the Union member states.

Setting tariffs for international postal services (including transit costs).

Settlement of controversial issues between members of the union.

E-commerce influence

In recent years UPU members have encountered serious problems triggered by the enormous increase in e-commerce originating from the Far East, where the terminal dues do not cover the unit costs of delivery in the destination countries, and the volumes are so big that the losses cannot be compensated by better terminal dues from other traffic. In 2016, a new remuneration system was implemented with a focus on e-commerce, but while the 2016 reform balanced the costs to the delivery services, postage costs for shippers are still asymmetric. As of 2018, US companies pay more than twice as much to mail an item from a US plant to a US customer than does a manufacturer in China to mail an item to a US customer

About Universal Postal Union

Prior to the establishment of the UPU, each country had to prepare a separate postal treaty with other nations if it wished to carry international mail to or from them. In some cases, senders would have to calculate postage for each leg of a journey, and find mail forwarders in a third country if there was no direct delivery. To remove this complexity, the United States called for an International Postal Congress in 1863. This led Heinrich von Stephan, Royal Prussian and later German Minister for Posts, to found the Universal Postal Union. It is currently the third oldest international organization after the Rhine Commission and the ITU. The UPU was created in 1874, initially under the name "General Postal Union", under the Treaty of Bern signed on October 9, 1874.[6] Four years later, the name was changed to "Universal Postal Union"

French is the official language of the UPU. English was added as a working language in 1994. The majority of the UPU's documents and publications – including its flagship magazine, Union Postale – are available in the United Nations' six official languages (French, English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish)

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Universal Postal Union tracking statuses

Status Description
Departure from outward office of exchange
Arrival at inward office of exchange
Arrival at outward office of exchange
Arrival at delivery office
Unsuccessful delivery
Arrival at transit office of exchange
Departure from inward office of exchange
Departure from transit of exchange
Final delivery
Item held by export Customs/Security
Item returned from export Customs/Security
Held by Customs
Item presented to import Customs
Item returned from Customs (import)
Item presented to export Customs/Security