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Tracking ASOS orders

ASOS orders can be tracked using shipment tracking number or order number. ASOS cooperates with mail forwarders WNDirect and TRAKPAK, who allow you to track location of your goods using only ASOS order number.

To track ASOS order just enter your order number in the search box on top, and our tracking robots will find your parcel in no time.

ASOS track order

Usually the ASOS order number consists of 9 digits, for example 277381482. Enter your order number in the search box above to find out where your ASOS order is.

Also, all shipped orders are assigned a unique shipment number. The format of the shipment number depends on the company that delivers your goods and looks like ASO2505GB01699638201 (TRAKPAK), 3SCBUB0040149 (Netherlands Post), RK706553386ES (Spain Post).

Unlike WNDirect, TRAKPAK also provides you with the tracking number that is valid in your country, including a link to local postal or courier company website.

In order not to get confused about where to track your ASOS orders, track them with the Parcels app and on this web site. Our service will automatically determine how and where to track your ASOS order and will show current location and delivery status of your goods.

What is ASOS

ASOS is a global online retailer of fashion and cosmetics. On the website, in the sections of men's and women's clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry and cosmetics, more than 50,000 products of various brands are offered, including products of its own brand ASOS. About 1,500 new lines appear on the site every week. ASOS has localized sites for the UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia, and the distribution center in the UK sends goods to more than 190 countries.

The company's merchandise is aimed at knowledgeable young people of 20 years of age. ASOS enjoys 16.6 million monthly unique visitors, as of June 30, 2012, 8.7 million users were registered, 4.7 million of which are active buyers from 160 countries (ie, customers who have made at least one purchase in the last 12 months).

Why it's called ASOS?

The idea of creating ASOS originated in 1999, when founders Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson, who is still a non-executive director, decided to create an online store where people could purchase clothes and accessories that they saw on celebrities.

In August 1999, the website was registered, which was launched in March 2000 and officially opened for visitors in June 2000 under the name AsSeenOnScreen. By the way, ASOS PLC and Limited were initially called AsSeenOnScreen Holdings PLC and AsSeenOnScreen Limited. By the end of the first year of operation, the company received the "Best Fashion Legislator" award from the vote of The Sunday Times newspaper, which opened the door for new opportunities.

Almost immediately inside the company began to use the name ASOS, the abbreviation of the phrase AsSeenOnScreen. This is what prompted the management and employees of the company to think that the name of the website should also be reduced.

In October 2000, a simpler domain name was purchased, although at that time the web traffic coming to was redirected to the web site, which was still basic for business. Then, in August 2001, the website was launched.

Soon we began to not only sell models seen on the screen (asseenonscreen), but also to promote the idea of fashion as a lifestyle. The name AsSeenOnScreen became even less relevant, so the brand began the process of moving to ASOS as a commercial name.

Since 2002, the name ASOS (in the form of the then existing logo) has been used in official documents and on the website. The e-mail address was changed to, after which the marketing campaign aimed at using the ASOS name instead of AsSeenOnScreen started. In July 2002, the brand was advertised during the broadcast of the Pepsi Chart Show on a commercial radio station in the UK already ASOS. By September 2002, the process of transition from AsSeenOnScreen to ASOS became irreversible, since the first ASOS logo was used on the website instead of the AsSeenOnScreen logo.

Then the changes touched the website itself. In January 2003, the name ASOS was added as the title line of our website. In July 2003, the online storefront of the ASOS store was moved to the website The redirection of web traffic to the old website has been discontinued, which means that has worked independently. Finally, in August 2003 our shareholders decided to change the names of AsSeenOnScreen Holdings PLC and AsSeenOnScreen Limited to ASOS PLC and Limited. That's how ASOS appeared (hurray!).

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