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Tracking TAM Beauty orders and packages

The British company TAM Beauty is known primarily for its brand Makeup Revolution, which only from the moment of its appearance led to a revolution in the world of cosmetics and beauty. The idea of Makeup Revolution is to create high-quality cosmetic products at an affordable price.

After all the cosmetics are selected and paid for, the question arises, how to track the parcels? If you have chosen a tracked delivery method, then read on to find out about tracking TAM Beauty orders.

TAM Beauty orders can be tracked using tracking number or order number. TAM Beauty cooperates with the mail forwarder P2P-TRAKPAK where order can be tracked using the order number or tracking number.

Usually the order number is as follows: 199460-201585. Enter your order number in the search box above to find out where your order is from TAM Beauty.

Also, all sent orders are assigned a unique shipment number, or tracking number. The format of tracking number for TAM Beauty orders sent via TRAKPAK is similar to TAM9880GB28509049301. Also your order can be assigned a tracking number in the international format AA1239456789BB, where the first 2 letters are the type of shipment, and the last 2 letters are the country code whose mail service delivers your order.

Orders with international tracking numbers can be tracked using postal service website of destination country.

P2P International offers a fully tracked delivery service, P2P have a proven service in dealing with international shipments and have processes in place to expedite customs clearance as well as working closely with the country’s localised courier.

P2P works to clear your package through Customs and have brokers that work to facilitate the clearance process, but no service can guarantee all packages will reach their final international destination.

In order not to be confused about where to track your TAM Beauty orders, track them in the Parcel application and on this site, our service will automatically determine by any number of the item or order number where you track your goods and show you its current location and delivery status.

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.