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Dhl ecommerce

DHL eCommerce offers choice, convenience and control and quality for both the merchant and consumer. Our global team of e-commerce experts are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that create a great online shopping experience. Our aim is to become a leader in global e-commerce related logistics activities focusing on three areas: fulfillment, cross border delivery and domestic delivery.

DHL Global Mail provids international and domestica package delivery and returns for businesses. It also provides e-commerce fullfillment and logistics services in North, South and Latin Americas, Asia, Pacific and Middle East and Africa regions.

DHL eCommerce has headquarters in Bonn, Germany and regional offices in US and Singapore, Asia/Pacific as well as in the India and Americas.

DHL Global Mail mission is to be a global leader in global e-commerce logistics with main areas of focus on: cross border delivery, domestic delivery and fullfillment. DHL eCommerce provides global fulfillment network for businesses of any scale.

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DHL Global Mail - DHL eCommerce tracking states

State Description
Processed at transit facility
Processing completed at origin
Arrival at DHL eCommerce distribution center
En route to DHL eCommerce distribution center
Electronic notification received: your order has been processed and tracking will be updated soon
Arrived at transit facility
Processed at export facility