Uk mail

UK Mail

British courier company

Tracking «UK Mail» packages, shipments and deliveries

Uk mail

UK Mail delivers parcels to hundreds of thousands of homes in the UK every day, and with access to DHL’s unrivalled network, company now delivers further afield as well, with 220 countries within easy reach.

On top of that, UK Mail collects and processes 3 billion mail items every year. So whether you are sending a parcel, letter or packet – UK Mail has a service that’s right for you.

DHL Parcel UK Tracking

UK Mail became a part of Deutsche Post DHL in 2016. Now as of October 2018. UK Mail will become DHL Parcel UK. After Deutsche Post DHL Group acquired the British parcels and mail company in December 2016, it has now become time for UK Mail to fully integrate into the group’s network of European parcel companies.

The brand name of UK Mail will not disappear completely. The company’s parcel operations will go live on as DHL, but the UK Mail brand will keep existing for mail and packets customers

UK Mail CEO Peter Fuller commented: “The rebrand is a gradual transition and an important milestone that we will achieve throughout 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, this will mark a new phase of development and growth.”

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