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Aerotrans Sendungsverfolgung für Pakete und Briefe

Mit der Parcels App können Sie den genauen Standort Ihrer Pakete oder Sendungen, die von Aerotrans geliefert werden, ermitteln.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Parcel App herunterladen für iPhone oder Android immer wissen, wo sich Ihre Pakete befinden, und Push-Benachrichtigungen erhalten, wenn sich die Paketverfolgung ändert.

Aerotrans Tracking-Zustände

Status Description
Arrived at the Post office
Ready for pickup at delivery place
Awaiting for departure from Singapore
Arrived at the customs of Azerbaijan
Available for pickup at the Post Office
Awaiting for departure from Hong Kong
Awaiting for departure from Azerbaijan
Awaiting release from Azerbaijan
Arrived to Russian Federation
Delivered to the addressee
Sorting Complete
Forwarded to the postman
Handed over to the customs
Forwarded to the correct address
Released from RF customs
The item left the Hongkong air por
Forwarded for delivery within Russia
Left the Shenzhen operations center
Arrived at the local distribution center
Arrived at the Hongkong air port
Departed from local distribution center
The item left the Hongkong air port
Awaiting for departure from China

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