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Alitalia Cargo is the devision of Alitalia, engaged in the sale of the cargo space (belly cargo) of the passenger planes of the Alitalia fleet.

Alitalia is a member of SkyTeam Cargo, the main alliance of cargo airlines in the world. SkyTeam Cargo, offers customers of member airlines access to a global network and to an extensive portfolio of destinations, frequencies, products and connections.

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Alitalia operates in the cargo sector transporting freight and mail in the holds of its aircraft through a dedicated cargo office.

Alitalia is able to arrange cargo charter flights on demand thanks to agreements with the leading providers of air freight capacity. In this framework, Alitalia works with important industrial and institutional customers: manufacturing companies, postal service operators, central banks and government ministries.

The Company's cargo hub is located at the Rome airport in Fiumicino. Integration with an efficient Road Feeder Service (RFS) extends Alitalia’s geographical coverage.

Alitalia Air Waybill tracking

Alitalia is Italy's leading carrier for cargo services. Alitalia operates in the cargo sector, shipping goods and mail in the holds of its passenger aircraft through a dedicated cargo office. In 2014, Alitalia transported 66,601 tons.

With a fleet of 120 aircraft available for cargo service, Alitalia serves 102 destinations in Italy and the rest of the world. Its network ensures broad coverage throughout Italy and it provides service to some of the most important international and intercontinental destinations. Alitalia offers its clients customized and flexible services arranging cargo charter flights on demand.

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