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Austrian Post is the leading logistics and postal services provider in Austria. Its main business activities include the transport and delivery of letters, direct mail items, print media and parcels. The branch network of Austrian Post ranks among the largest private customer networks in the country, offering high-quality postal, banking and telecommunications products and services to its customers throughout Austria. The company makes an important contribution to safeguarding the nation's communications and logistics infrastructure based on its nationwide and reliable supply of high quality postal services on behalf of the Austrian population and economy. Moreover, Austrian Post is also represented by subsidiaries in twelve European markets, particularly in the parcel and logistics segment as well as in unaddressed direct mail items.

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Parcels on iPhone and Android

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Austria Post tracking statuses

Status Description
Item delivered
Item distributed
Item is out for delivery
Item accepted at postal service point
Item customs cleared
Item delivered to employee/colleague
Item in customs process
Item arrived in country of destination
Item will be delivered again
Item accepted abroad
Address incorrect / incomplete
Item passed customs-/security check
Item could not be delivered - return
Item presented to customs/security
Additional documents for customs required
Item has been cleared customs-free
Item misrouted
Item arrived in Austria
Item forwarded abroad
Item delivered to flat mate

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