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The Brazilian Post has originated in Brazil on January 25, 1663 and, ever since, is being modernized, creating and making available quality services corresponding to clients' expectations. Impelled by technologic, economic and social changes, Correios has begun in 2011 a deep modernization process. With Law 12.490/11 sanction, the company has enlarged its acting field and was equipped with modern tools for corporate management in order to face competition with more agile and efficient services rendering to the whole society. With the new law, Correios can act in foreign countries and in electronic, financial and integrated logistics services mail segments; constitute subsidiaries, acquire share control or participation in established companies and contract commercial partnerships that add value to its brand and to its network.

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Brazil Post tracking statuses

Status Description
Received by the Brazil Post
Failed delivery
Missed item
Object left the International Unit
Item forwarded to the next unit
Received in
Posted after agency working hours limit
Item wrongly directed
Received in export unit
Waiting for withdrawal
Depart for delivery to addressee
Failed delivery - addressee not available
Received at Post Unit
Incorrect/illegible/incomplete address
Received and being processed by the destination post
Arrived in destination country
Departed from origin country
The goods leave the operation center
Arrived at the operating center

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