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DHL connects people in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Driven by the power of more than 360,000 employees, DHL delivers integrated services and tailored solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information.

DHL engages in pick up and delivery services for parcels, documents and lightweight goods. Large volume international postal services for business customers. International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide; and other customized logistic services – with everything DHL does, DHL helps connect people and improve their lives.

DHL is part of the world’s leading postal and logistics company Deutsche Post DHL Group, and encompasses the business units DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight and DHL Supply Chain.

DHL Tracking Germany

DHL delivers around 59 million letters every working day in Germany, making it Europe’s largest postal company. DHL's products and services are targeted towards both private and business customers and range from physical, hybrid and electronic letters to merchandise delivery and include additional services such as cash on delivery, registered mail and insured items.

DEFRAA Germany Tracking

If you are wondering why your package stuck at DEFRAA Germany sorting center, you've come to a right place.

DEFRAA is a DHL sorting facility at Frankfurt Airport in Germany where all DHL shipments are sorted and sent to destination.

The International Post Center (IPZ) - or DEFRAA - at Frankfurt Airport is responsible for handling international shipments. In addition to three million letters, 20,000 parcels and parcels land there every day, and almost two million postcards in the summer.

Customs officers take care of import packages and ensure that no goods are smuggled. Orders from abroad thus end up at DEFRAA in Frankfurt and go the regular way there, which depends on where the package comes from, whether fees have to be paid and whether the sender has filled everything in correctly.

How long does the processing at DEFRAA take?

Processing at DEFRAA can take place very quickly, but it can also take a relatively long time. You can use the shipment tracking to see when your package is at DEFRAA. How long the processing takes depends on various circumstances.

DEFRAA contact

International Post Center Telephone Number: +49 (0) 69 - 695 316 22


IPZ FFM Stuck in Frankfurt

Did your package stuck in German Customs IPZ FFM (DEFRAA)? Sometimes you see the abbreviation IPZ FFM in the shipment tracking of Deutsche Post or DHL. The IPZ FFM (Internationales Postzentrum Frankfurt) is also called DEFRAA (Germany Frankfurt Airport) and takes care of the processing and possible customs clearance of international shipments.

Was your shipment delayed in IPZ Frankfurt? While some shipments are dispatched within a few hours, processing for others takes several days or even weeks. It depends on many factors. For example, an incorrect or incomplete declaration can delay processing. On the other hand, however, an increased workload can also be the reason for longer interim storage of the shipment.

What does IPZ FFM mean?

IPZ FFM is an abbreviation and means:

I - International

PZ - Post Center

FFM - Frankfurt am Main

This is the customs at Frankfurt Airport.

DHL Deutsche Post IPZ Frankfurt Airport

The IPZ letter and parcel center operated by DHL and Deutsche Post is located at Frankfurt Airport and is responsible for handling international shipments. IPZ means international mail center. The location code of the IPZ is DEFRAA (Frankfurt am Main). Around 1,500 employees work here in shifts around the clock.

The head of the IPZ stated that around 400,000 to 450,000 programs from non-EU countries arrive in Frankfurt every day. At the peak before Christmas, the amount doubles. 80% of the shipments come from Asia.

From the apron of the airport, the shipments are first transported to the Airmail Center in Frankfurt in small vans and then on to the IPZ. The mail items stowed in bags and bundles are opened, separated according to format and poured onto sorting belts that are kilometers long.

Outgoing mail, i.e. from Germany to other countries, is X-rayed before it is loaded onto the aircraft. This means that dangerous content such as smartphones (battery explosion hazard) is recognized and sorted out. In the past, a few X-ray samples were sufficient, but now the entire shipment volume is X-rayed.

Every day, around 1.4 million letters and tens of thousands of postcards are processed at the IPZ Frankfurt.

A branch, the so-called IPZ 2, is located in Niederaula . The IPZ Frankfurt is also supported by the Rodgau parcel center.

Departed from transit facility DPSZXA, DP

It can take long time for next tracking status to appear after you see "Departed from transit facility DPSZXA, DP". It means your package has been exported from from Deutsche Post sorting facility in Shenzhen Airport and is on its way to destination country.

During that time package is booked on a flight, handed over to airline, waiting for the flight, loaded, transported by air, unloaded, waiting to be inspected by customs, and only after being cleared by customs will be released for delivery.

DHL Express Tracking

DHL Express shipments may be tracked online using our unique DHL tracker, allowing you to access information detailing the process of shipments as it moves through the DHL network. Tracking information is also available by contacting DHL Express Customer Service, although all information available from customer service agents is provided online.

In order to track a shipment, a DHL Express Tracking Number is required.

Just months after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn founded DHL – the world’s first international door-to-door delivery service. Their simple, yet groundbreaking idea was to deliver shipping documents by air, so they would arrive at customs before the freight itself. This saved shipping companies days or even weeks – and DHL had just invented the international air express industry.

In the Express division, DHL transports urgent documents and goods reliably and on time from door to door. DHL's global network spans more than 220 countries and territories in which some 100,000 employees provide services to 2.7 million customers.

As an express service provider, DHL operates a global network that includes several airlines, some of which DHL owns 100%. The combination of own and purchased capacities, which include varied contract periods, allows DHL to respond flexibly to fluctuating demand.

DHL Export Services – Outbound International Express Delivery

  • DHL SAMEDAY JETLINE - Emergency next flight out: delivery within the shortest possible time
  • DHL SAMEDAY SPRINTLINE - Emergency dedicated vehicle: delivery within the shortest possible time
  • DHL EXPRESS 9:00 - Time-critical: delivery on the next possible day by 9:00 a.m.
  • DHL EXPRESS 10:30 - Time-critical: delivery on the next possible day by 10:30 a.m.
  • DHL EXPRESS 12:00 - Time-critical: delivery on the next possible day by 12:00 noon
  • DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE - Time-sensitive: delivery by end of next possible day
  • DHL EXPRESS ENVELOPE - Time-sensitive: documents by end of next possible day – documents weighing up to 10 oz/0.6 lbs

DHL Tracking International

Backed by DHL strong group network and experience, DHL makes it simple for you to ship internationally with a full range of cross-border shipping services covering more than 220 countries and territories across the globe.

DHL Packet International

DHL Packet International provides cost-effective shipping for packages up to 4.4 lbs. using the global postal network. Reliable transit times and simplified postal customs clearance are ideal for shipping light weight and lower value items.

DHL Parcel International Standard

DHL Parcel International Standard provides shipping of parcels to over 220 countries. Business customers benefit from simplified postal customs clearance, reliable transit times with end-to-end tracking to key destinations using DHL's global postal network and DHL's international shipping expertise.

DHL Parcel International Direct

DHL Parcel International Direct offers direct injection to 210 countries. End-to-end tracking with delivery confirmation and Duties and Taxes Paid clearance option make DHL Parcel International Direct the ideal product for cross-border E-Commerce.

DHL Domestic Express

DHL Express offers domestic time-critical and time-sensitive options for delivery within the United Kingdom. Additional insurance and tracking options such as requiring a signature on delivery are available with DHL Domestic Express.

DHL Global Mail

DHL Global Mail provides collection and processing services for non-sorted, non-franked correspondence. DHL collects international business mail that is then delivered through the postal networks of destination countries. Options include Priority and Standard delivery. Collection is made by DHL Express couriers and all correspondence is sorted and stamped at a DHL mailing house in the UK. Items are tracked until they enter national postal networks of destination countries.

DHL Global Mail is available for sending business and personal correspondence. The option is a cost-effective solution when compared to sending regular mail, especially when sending bulk correspondence or multiple items at one time. It is also used for sending low value goods up to a maximum weight of two kilograms. Correspondence is prepared and addressed like other international mail items. Unsorted mail is then inserted in packaging provided by DHL and a DHL waybill is prepared before the item is collected by a DHL Express courier.

Delivery times are between two to five days for Western Europe and three to seven days for the rest of Europe. Delivery to destinations in the United States and Canada is between three and six days, while delivery to addresses in the rest of the world is three to eight days. Transit times to more remote locations can be longer and will vary depending on individual postal networks in destination countries.

Time-critical services include DHL Domestic Express 9:00 for guaranteed next possible working day delivery by 9:00 a.m. DHL Domestic Express 12:00 provides guaranteed next possible day delivery by noon. Both services are available from all UK post codes to major business locations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Full money-back guarantees and proactive delivery notifications are provided free of change

DHL Global Forwarding and Freight

DHL's air, ocean and overland freight forwarding services include standardised transport as well as multimodal and sector-specific solutions, together with individualised industrial projects.

Deutsche Post DHL Group

Deutsche Post provides easy and affordable international postal services to European business customers for their letters and lightweight goods.

Deutsche Post DHL Group operates under two brands: Deutsche Post is Europe’s leading postal service provider. DHL is uniquely positioned in the world’s growth markets, with a comprehensive range of international express, freight transportation, e-commerce and supply chain management services. The Group employs approximately 520,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

The Deutsche Post brand stands for personal proximity, reliable quality and groundbreaking services. Its success is built on the unique infrastructure in Germany, consistently high quality in the mail business and innovative services in the area of dialog marketing.

The DHL brand stands for personal commitment, proactive solutions and local strength in the parcel business as well as in international express, logistics and mail operations. DHL's employees, who focus on customers’ needs and provide them with individually customized solutions, help secure DHL's success.

From a government-controlled, deficit-ridden national agency, Deutsche Bundespost (1990), to a profitable European mail and parcel service provider, Deutsche Post DHL Group became the global logistics market leader, traded on the stock exchange. Deutsche Post AG went public in November 2000 and has been listed on the DAX 30 since March 2001. In September 2013, Deutsche Post AG additionally joined the Euro Stoxx 50 Index.

Deutsche Post DHL Group is Europe’s largest mail services operator, and market leader in the German mail and parcel market. With its powerful Deutsche Post brand and a workforce of about 150,000 employees committed to service excellence, the company is recognized both as “Die Post für Deutschland” and as a global player in the international delivery of mail and goods. The Deutsche Post portfolio combines the present and future of postal and communications services, ranging from mail and parcel delivery to secure electronic communication and dialog marketing for private and business customers. The company has been a pioneer in new postal technologies, carbon neutral shipping and ecommerce logistics solutions. The PeP (Post - eCommerce – Parcel) division generated revenues of 18.2 billion euros in 2017. Out of the approximately 220,000 employees of the division, 150,000 operate under the Deutsche Post brand. With a total of approximately 520,000 employees, Deutsche Post DHL Group is one of the biggest employers worldwide.

About DHL

When Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn founded DHL in 1969, they didn’t know they would revolutionize the world of logistics. Today, DHL is the world’s leading logistics company. DHL's 360,000 people in over 220 countries and territories work every day to help you cross borders, reach new markets and grow your business. Or simply send a letter to your loved ones.

Deutsche Post AG progressively acquired DHL as global air express service provider from 1998 to 2002 and enhanced its expertise by purchasing other leading logistics companies, e.g. 1999 acquisition of Danzas, 2004/2005 acquisition of a majority stake of Indian express company Blue Dart (75% stake currently held), end of 2005 acquisition of Exel.

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