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DSV provides and manages supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day.

DSV Panalpina A/S (second name: DSV A/S) is a Danish transport and logistics company offering transport services globally by road, air, sea and train. Since its foundation in 1976 by nine independent Danish hauliers, the company has achieved rapid expansion and international presence.

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DSV introduces fast China-Europe road freight

With door-to-door transit times of 14-18 days at reasonable rates, DSV Silkway Express is a highly competitive alternative to air, rail and sea freight.

DSV’s new intercontinental road bridge between China and Europe offers a reliable alternative. In addition to quick transit times of 14-18 days at rates much lower than air freight, DSV Silkway Express offers more flexibility – not least in timing.

DSV collects the cargo exactly when it’s ready at the shipper, which means customers don’t have to consider closing and cut off for any vessel, rail or air schedule. Goods can be moved seven days a week with multiple pickup and delivery locations possible. And customers can reroute goods during the journey.

DSV works solely with trusted partners to ensure that goods arrive at their destination safely, and all trucks are sealed and equipped with GPS tracking in order for customers to follow their events on myDSV. The security fee is included in the transport cost and covers rest stops at secure gated parking lots.

About DSV

In 1976, Leif Tullberg and nine independent haulers established DSV, an acronym for “De Sammensluttede Vognmænd af 13-7 1976 A/S” (The Joint Hauliers of 13-7 1976). Leif Tullberg remained CEO until his retirement in 2005.

With headquarters in Hedehusene (near Copenhagen), Denmark, and offices in more than 80 countries, DSV Panalpina employs 55,000 people and collaborates with partners and agents globally.

he company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen (Copenhagen Stock Exchange) and included in the OMXC25 index as one of the 25 most traded stocks.

The company is structured in three divisions, Road, Air & Sea, and Solutions. Its main activities lie within road transport (trucking) networks in Europe, North America and South Africa, and its global air and sea freight forwarding business. The group also has a growing contract logistics business.

As part of an asset-light financial strategy to maintain fixed costs at a minimum and be able to quickly respond to market fluctuations, the group does not own any ships or aeroplanes and only a relatively small number of trucks and trailers.

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DSV tracking statuses

Status Description
Origin Scan
Delivered by carrier
Arrived at warehouse - in conformity
Pick up at customer - in conformity
Requested pickup
Shipment submited
Undeliverable Returns
The receiver had no invoice information for this package and has refused the delivery. / The package will be returned to the sender.
Requested delivery

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