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Estafeta Tracking Mexico

Estafeta, which used to be a post office serving the Mexican country, is now a leading postal service provider established on August 8, 1979. Its shipment increased to 105,000 when it acquired the Transportadora Terrestre. It started to use a barcode system to control the growing numbers of its shipments until new offices were opened to accommodate it. Thus, Estafeta Service System was built to ensure they meet the demands of additional deliveries.

Due to the postal service needed by the businesses and households, Estafeta entered the international service, with corporate offices in D.F. Estafeta and Operational Center in Ceylon. It then opened its branch in Laredo, Texas to extend its service to the US. Further developments started to happen when the telecommunications and internet invaded the industry.

Estafeta sustained the growth because it was able to accommodate 50 million collections and deliveries in Canada and US. Currently, it uses a GPS system for tracking shipments in local and international deliveries. Its broad expansion leads to opening of several offices in different locations in the US.

Estafeta now offers national and international cargo and air fleet shipments, air parcel, next day delivery, online tracking system, and e-services. Also available are online collections and electronic billing. The company also has self-service options that are convenient for the customers to use.

With the online integration system, it is easy to do activities such as making a payment, tracking a shipment, and calculating the frequency of delivery and price of a package. Customers will also receive a notification via email or text regarding the transaction they made with the company. Customer service is also available to answer your queries or provide you quote.

Estafeta also interacts with the community through tree planting activities, sociocultural projects, financial programs extended to 30 states, and most of all, hiring 35 employees with disabilities to hone their skills.

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