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FedEx Cross Border offers e-commerce solutions for transportation & technology. Deliver cost-effectively to your customers’ doorsteps worldwide with FedEx Cross Border e-commerce transportation solutions.

TRAKPAK (currently P2P TRAKPAK) is ideal for retailers who don't need express delivery but want reliability and visibility. For very lightweight, low-value packages, UNTRAK (currently P2P UNTRAK) is available.

FedEx makes it cost-effective and easy to deliver e-commerce packages using trusted local carriers in the destination country for final-mile delivery.

FedEx Cross Border Process

You ship orders to our processing center; FedEx can assist with this step if requested.

At the FedEx Cross Border processing center, they sort and prepare parcels to leave the U.S. The recipient address is printed on the label in the destination country or territory's language(s).

Shipments travel via linehaul, closely managed by FedEx Cross Border.

Your shipment goes through customs. Clearance is handled in compliance with global rules and regulations. For DDU parcels, the recipient must pay any duties assessed.

Your shipment is tendered to the final-mile delivery provider. Strong relationships with final-mile delivery providers help ensure your customers enjoy an exceptional delivery experience.

Your shipment is delivered to your customer. FedEx final-mile local carrier completes the delivery.

What’s the expected delivery time for this solution?

TRAKPAK: Shipments are typically delivered in 4–7 business days from the time they leave the processing center.

UNTRAK: Approximate delivery for UNTRAK packages is in 6–10 business days.

Is package-status tracking provided with FedEx Cross Border solutions?

With TRAKPAK shipments, tracking information* is available along the package journey, typically provided when the package:

  • Arrives at the processing center
  • Departs the processing center
  • Departs from the origin country
  • Arrives in the destination country or territory
  • Undergoes a customs scan, where applicable
  • Is delivered

Parcels app will help you track the status and location of your parcel delivered by FedEx Cross Border.

FedEx Cross Border Tracking API

Create free API account and start tracking any shipment, freight, sea cargo and Air Waybill.

Get detailed information with maximum possible attributes about your shipments, latest status and location.

Create your own tracking page for your online shop, or integrate our shipment tracking API into your corporate messenger like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Designed for developers to easily integrate FedEx Cross Border tracking functionality

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

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