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Jordan post

In 2002, the Postal Services Act was passed by the National Assembly and named (the Postal Services Law No. 34 for the year 2007), under which the Jordan Post Company was established as the public postal operator and started to function as such on January 1, 2003; whereas the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications was renamed as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is worth mentioning that the current number of postal offices available in the kingdom is 356 Post Offices. Jordan Post continues to provide postal services for all citizens and the beneficiaries, whether the same being basic postal or financial services, or on behalf of other institutions, departments and companies in the public and private sectors including communications companies, particularly services relevant to collection of invoices as well as telegram and telephone booth service in addition to other services.

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Jordan Post tracking statuses

Status Description
Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
Insert item into bag (Otb)
Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Deliver item (Inb)
Send item to customs (Inb)
Return item from customs (Inb)
Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
Receive item from customer (Otb)
Receive item at delivery office (Inb)
Send item abroad (EDI-received)
Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb)
Insert item into domestic bag

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