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With more than 10,000 employees that make up the company, MRW plays a vital role in the postal services provided to the millions of households in Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, and Andorra. It was established in the year 1977, and from that time on, the company consistently provides timely delivery of national and international shipments.

The company has 49 logistics and 550 franchises to expand its service across the three countries. Due to its continuous innovation and will to provide an exceptional experience to many households and individuals, it creates the which help people send a package wherever they want. It can accommodate up to 40 kg per package sent to various locations.

To ensure that the company can provide fast delivery of the items, it established 49 operating platforms and used 3,300 vehicles to perform its duties. The use of advanced technology allowed it to help many online sellers market their products to different online shopping stores worldwide. It became the pioneer in implementing the eCommerce to various sectors.

MRW is a socially responsible company that strengthen the online shopping businesses. Through MRW tracing, customers have a peace of mind that their package is handled well by the experts. It offers an assurance that the items will arrive at the specific location at the guaranteed date and time.

The company offers national and international services, ranging from exclusive and express deliveries, logistics solutions, air and land cargo shipments, and discount offers. It can also deliver packages across the United States, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. It also has special vehicles used to transport pets with care.

Using the MRW Burofax, the company guarantees that your shipments are well-monitored from the first process to the final stage. It is available round the clock and works through online, SMS, and electronic mail to send notifications regarding the status of the shipments.

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