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NACEX started its service in the Express Courier Sector in 1995. At that time, it has 110 franchises and 0 connection hubs. The company began strongly as it owns an IT system to keep track of all the transactions of NACEX. In 1998, it obtained the ISO 9001 certificate because it was able to meet the standard quality a courier service should have.

The company continues to expand its services, and its franchise increased to 224 establishments after only five years of service in the industry. This rapid growth was sustained by NACEX successfully, and it was until 2002 when it integrates with Logista Group, the leading distributor of products and services to the local market in Europe.

It started the online collection services in 2005 since the technology is beginning to invade the entire industry at that time. At present, the company offers its NacexNet to enable the customers to place their orders via online, track their shipments, make a payment, and real-time notification on their deliveries. It fully deployed its centralized system to deliver their services with ease efficiently.

It also launched specialized services for the eCommerce businesses. Aside from that, NACEXPharma was established, which is a transport solution for the pharmaceutical sectors. It also offers value-added services to complement the other existing services.

Customers can also send bulk parcels to many parts of the world. Same Day and Saturday Deliveries are also available. Since the company uses a digital system, it can instantly produce proof of delivery. NACEX can also accommodate shipment by sea freight with a guaranteed timeline between 24 to 72 hours. It also has a distribution from city to city several times a day. These services separate NACEX among the other courier services in Spain. The business is a big success and has proven itself deserving o be part of the market.

With more than 310 depots Nacex has a 100 % coverage all over Iberia including Spain Mainland, Portugal Mainland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Canarian Islands, Baleares, Azores, Madeira and the Spanish enclaves in Northern Africa Ceuta and Melilla.

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