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Day & Ross Inc. provides land transportation. The Company focuses on intra-provincial, regional, national and transborder truck transportation services. Day & Ross offers services United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Day & Ross Tracking in Canada

Enter your shipment number to receive an update instantly! Your shipment number (pro bill number, starting with three letters and followed by 7 numbers) can be found on your shipment dashboard history or on your bill of lading.

Day and Ross Pro Number Tracking

Enter your pro number which is similar to XTO4992747, XMO24253023 to get current shipment status

How do I track my shipment?

On the home page or on this page scroll up to search package input field. Have your shipment number (pro bill number, starting with three letters and followed by 7 numbers) with you. You can also use your dashboard to keep track of your shipment, even if you no longer have the tracking number.

You can track a basic shipment without being logged into your account.

Once you are at the Track Shipment screen enter the Shipment/Pro Bill Number(s) and click on Track Package.

Day and Ross Services

Canadian LTL and TL – Ship Your LTL and TL Freight Direct To Over 90% Of Canadian population (39 terminals across all 10 provinces) With One Carrier.

U.S. LTL and TL – Ship Your LTL & TL Freight Cross-Border Between Canada And The U.S and with the convenience of PARS clearance.

Temperature Controlled – Specially Equipped To Deliver Your Refrigerated Or Heated Products (cold, frozen, or heated cargo).

Specialized Services – Dedicated fleets, Warehousing, reverse logistics, consolidation and deconsolidation services, Shipping of Dangerous Goods & Heavy Haul.

Flatbed Services – Handling of Over-Dimensional And Heavy-Haul Freight (wider than 96” or over 100” tall or weigh up to 68,000 lbs (within Canada) or up to 42,000 lbs (in USA).

About Day and Ross

From a single truckload of potatoes in the 1950s to a fleet of thousands, Day & Ross has grown to become one of the largest transportation companies in Canada. With more than 8,000 employees, drivers, and owner operators, we’re a major player in cross-border and LTL/TL transportation, offering a diversified portfolio of transport and logistics solutions across North America. Day & Ross commitment to safety and sustainability is rooted in the family values we share with their parent company, McCain Foods Limited.

In 1950, Elbert Day and Walter Ross founded Day & Ross in Hartland, New Brunswick with just one truck to their name. Their first shipment was a load of spuds hauled from New Brunswick to Quebec — a humble beginning, but no small potatoes. In 1966, Day & Ross became a wholly owned subsidiary of McCain Foods Limited and since then we’ve expanded across North America through growth and acquisitions, including Sameday Worldwide in 1992, REI in 2017, Stonehammer Transport Inc. in 2018, and A&S Kinard and Buckler Transport in 2019. R+L Carriers has been our trusted LTL/TL partner in the USA since 2007, further expanding our coverage and access.

Parcels app will help you track the status and location of your parcel delivered by Day & Ross.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

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