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Singapore Post was listed on the Main Board of the SGX-ST on 13 May 2003. The company has won many awards and accolades. It is the only postal company in the world to have won the Express Mail Service (EMS) Cooperative Certification Gold Level Award by the Universal Postal Union for its Speedpost Worldwide Courier Service for 11 consecutive years since 2001. It was also named runners-up in the "Most Transparent Company Award 2011" for the sixth consecutive year in the SIAS Investors' Choice Awards. SingPost is the designated Public Postal Licensee (PPL) for Singapore, providing comprehensive services for collecting, sorting and distributing domestic and international mail, including Direct Mail and Mailroom Management services. As the leading provider of delivery solutions domestically as well as being the local worldwide delivery service provider with our courier brand, Speedpost, SingPost provides a wide suite of delivery solutions to suit the needs of our corporate and retail customers.

Track Singapore Post in USA

Once Singapore Post package arrives in United States it can be tracked using USPS website or you can track it all the way from Singapore to USA using our tracking website.

Singapore Post tracking in Canada

Once Singapore Post package arrives in Canada it can be tracked using Canada Post website or you can track it all the way from Singapore to Canada using our tracking website.

Singapore Post Packet

Singapore Post Packet is one of the most popular delivery ways for foreign commerce sellers on eBay and other e-commerce platforms. It aims at the products which are less than 2kg and could reach over 200 countries and areas in the world. Like Hong Kong Post Small Packet and China Post Packet, it has normal mail service and registered air mail service. The former is cheaper than the latter but couldn’t be tracked and the sender couldn’t get any compensation once it gets lost.

Difference between China Post and Singapore Post Packet

The differences between China Post Small Packet and Singapore Post packet mainly lie in the price, delivery time and loss rate. The China post packet enjoys much cheaper price than Singapore Post packet but has a longer delivery time (4-7 days slower) than it. In terms of packet loss ratio, Singapore Post packet does much better than China Post Small Packet.

Singapore Post Tracking Number Format

A normal tracking number of a Singapore Post packet is composed of 13 digits which starts with R or other letters followed by 9 numbers and ended with SG. Following are commonly seen tracking code formats:

R# *** *** *** SG, V# *** *** *** SG, A# *** *** *** SG, XC *** *** *** **, XR *** *** *** **

Note: # - letters, * - numbers

Singapore Post Delivery Time

In general, a small parcel posted by Singapore Post needs about 7 – 20 days to reach by registered air mail service. It needs more time about 10- 30 days by ordinary mail service.

CountryEstimated Delivery Time by Air (working days)
South Asia5-10 days
Western Europe7-15 days
Eastern Europe7-20 days
United States7-15 days
Canada7-15 days
Australia7-15 days

Parcels app allows you to track the packages delivered by Singapore Post, as well as any packages sent from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or bought on AliExpress, Joom, GearBest, BangGood, Taobao, eBay,, Shopee and other popular online stores.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

Singapore Post tracking statuses

Status Description
Received from Customer
Despatched to overseas
Notification of shipment confirmation
Arrival at Destination Post
Information received
Arrival at Processing Center
Held by Custom
Received at Processing Facility
Product Delivered
Attempted/Failed Delivery
Please call
Received at Air Transit Centre
Released from Custom
Product Delivered (Country code: RU)
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: RU)
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: RU)
Despatched to overseas (Country code: RU)
Returned from overseas
Refer to Lodge Party
Attempted/Failed Delivery (Country code: RU)
Processing,Departed from the place of return or redelivery
Depart from facility
Shipment operation completed
Shipment arrived at facility
Item not picked up by courier
Arrive at destination country
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: CA)
Depart from transit country or district
Despatched to overseas (Country code: CA)
Shipment information received
Received by line-haul
Outbound in sorting center
Inbound in sorting center
Accepted by carrier
Waiting for pick up
Shipment confirmation
Item delivered
Out for delivery
Delivery in progress
Hand over to airline
Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)
Handover to pickup station/locker, waiting for consignee to pick up
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: KW)
Despatched to overseas (Country code: KW)
Waiting for pickup
Arrive at local delivery office
Airline arrived at destination country
Unsuccessful delivery
Arrival at delivery office
Transmission for delivery
Departure from inward office of exchange
Held by customs
Arrival at inward office of exchange
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: UA)
Parcel arrived at exchange office
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: UA)
Shipment arrived at destination country
Arrive at facility
Passed customs clearance
Sent from the outward office of exchange
Despatched to overseas (Country code: US)
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: ZA)
Despatched to overseas (Country code: ZA)
Envio disponible para retiro
Recibido en oficina de correoschile
Despachado a oficina de correoschile
Recepcion internacional por correoschile
Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: CL)
Arrival at Destination Post (Country: CL)
Envio despachado al pais de destino
Despatched to overseas (Country code: CL)
The shipment has been sent from origin country.
Despatched to overseas (Country code: NO)
Despatched to overseas (Country code: MT)

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