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Swiss Post is the national postal service of Switzerland. Created in 1675. Currently, they are one of the leading postal companies in Europe.

The Principality of Liechtenstein is also included in the Swiss postal code system. The German enclave of Büsingen a. H. and the Italian enclave of Campione d'Italia each have their own Swiss postal codes in addition to their national ones.

The Swiss Post provides services not only to individuals or legal entities in Switzerland, but also to large logistics companies.

Tracing Swiss Post Packages

Enter tracking number to track Swiss Post shipments and get delivery status online.

To track consignments, you need the consignment number that is assigned to each consignment (for examples, see “Consignment numbers”: What are the typical formats for consignment numbers?) If you don’t know the consignment number, you can ask the sender for it.

The “Track consignments” online service displays various events according to the progress made in processing a consignment. If you would like to know more about an event or a consignment status, please refer to the definitions.

Track all your packages in Switzerland and abroad - just enter your tracking number and get real-time updates about location of your package.

My consignment has not arrived. What should I do?

Please contact the sender of your consignment. An enquiry can be initiated if the delivery time has been exceeded.

I am expecting a consignment. How can I track its status?

You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our online service.

What are the typical formats for a consignment number?

Swiss Post consignment number formats are as follows:

  • Parcels, Swiss-Express consignments - 99.00.123456.12345678
  • Swiss-Courier - 97.00.00123456
  • “Registered (R)” letters - 98.00.123456.12345678
  • Letters with Letter ID - 12345678.123456.123456789
  • Small consignments - 0031234567891234567
  • International consignments - AB123456789CH

What is the correct way to enter the consignment number on the input screen?

Enter the consignment number with or without full stops, but always without spaces. Both of the following examples are possible: 99.00.123456.12345678 or 990012345612345678

Which consignments can I track?

Domestic consignments

Courier consignments: Swiss-Courier “Turbo”, “Rapid”, “Standard” and Swiss-Courier “Lightning”

Express consignments: Swiss-Express “Moon” and Swiss-Express “Moon” bulky goods

Parcels: PostPac Priority, PostPac Economy, Economy bulky goods and Priority bulky goods, PostPac Promo, Vinolog

Letters: Registered (R), Registered Prepaid, non-registered electronic cash on delivery (BLN), A Mail Plus, Dispomail, court documents (GU), debt collection documents (BU)

Letters with Letter ID (2D data matrix), returns

International consignments

Courier consignments: URGENT goods and URGENT documents

Parcels: PostPac International PRIORITY and ECONOMY

Letters: Registered (R) and PRIORITY Plus

What do the individual messages in the consignment status mean?

Our online service displays different messages according to the progress made in processing a consignment. If you would like to find out more about an individual event or the general consignment status, you will find the corresponding explanations below.

My consignment arrived damaged. How can I report this?

Report the damage at your branch within 8 days of delivery. We will create a report there and check whether you are entitled to compensation.

Please bring the following with you: Consignment contents, Packaging, All available delivery documents (invoice, delivery note, etc.)

Consignments have been delivered to my letter box despite an active retention order being in place.

Please contact Swiss Post via the online form. If possible, please attach an image of the consignment.

However, please note that private delivery businesses also deliver consignments in larger cities and conurbations. So it may be the case that, despite your order with Swiss Post, other mail ends up in your letter box.

Why did my order go through customs clearance even though the value of the goods is less than the CHF 300 exemption limit?

The CHF 300 exemption limit applies only to passenger transport, i.e. if you cross the border in person. The Federal Customs Administration has stipulated the following for freight transport: There is an exemption limit of CHF 5 for both VAT and customs duties. If this is exceeded, the goods must go through import customs clearance.

Customs duties are calculated based on the customs tariff number (type of goods) and the weight. If the charges exceed CHF 5, the goods undergo import customs clearance regardless of the value of the goods.

Above what value do I pay customs duty and/or VAT on import consignments?

As a rule, every consignment from abroad is liable to customs duty and VAT.

There is no special tax-free limit as with passenger traffic, only a fee exemption limit. Accordingly, customs duties and value added tax are not charged if the amount calculated is less than CHF 5.00 per customs declaration, whereby customs and VAT charges are considered separately. Gifts sent from private individuals living abroad to private individuals in Switzerland are duty-free up to a goods value of CHF 100.00. Goods purchased on the Internet do not satisfy these conditions. They are subject to duty in accordance with the general provisions.

The upper limit of the goods value (incl. transport costs) for an import exempt from VAT is:

  • 7.7% VAT (applicable to majority of all consignments) => CHF 65.00
  • 2.5% VAT (special goods such as books) => CHF 200.00

With Parcels app, you can track the Switzerland Post shipments, as well as any package shipped from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

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Switzerland Post tracking statuses

Status Description
Arrival at border point in the destination country The item is at the border point of the destination country and is being prepared for delivery. The item may have to be handed over to the customs authorities before delivery.
Arrival at Swiss border point The item has arrived at the border point of the origin country and is being prepared for forwarding to the destination country.
Arrival at the collection/delivery point Indicates the time after which the consignment is ready for collection at the post office or when a consignment was prepared for bulk delivery.
Arrived in transit country The item has arrived in a transit country.
BLN has not been processed and will be deleted Your electronic cash on delivery (BLN) consignment has not been processed and will be deleted.
Cancellation due to mis-scan The mail carrier carried out a mis-scan and had to cancel the entry.
Collection attempt by mail carrier failed The consignment was notified for collection. However the mail carrier was unable to collect the consignment as instructed.
Confirmation of receipt received The confirmation of receipt has been received and recorded (signature image available).
Consignment has been sorted and forwarded The item has either been sorted at one center for forwarding to another center or the item has been processed in a post office.
Consignment has been sorted for delivery The item has been sorted at a center for forwarding to the destination.
Consignment has left the transit country The consignment has left the transit country.
Consignment poste restante in post office and ready for collection The item was addressed as poste restante and is awaiting collection at the post office.
Consignment returned to the recipient due to damage The item is returned on account of damage.
Delivered by The item has been delivered to the domicile by the relevant delivery organization (post office, distribution base).
Delivered pending confirmation of receipt The item has been handed over to the recipient by the agreed means of delivery but the confirmation of receipt is still outstanding (signature image not yet available).
Delivered to the counter The item has been delivered over the counter (post office counter, postal agency, PickPost point, etc.)
Delivered to the mailbox/letter box The item was placed in the recipient’s letterbox (mail compartment).
Delivered via P.O. Box The item has been delivered to a P.O. Box address
Delivery attempt A delivery attempt was made.
Delivery attempt, address was invalid A delivery attempt was made but the address was invalid.
Delivery attempt, consignment returned due to prohibited items A delivery attempt was made, but the item is prohibited.
Delivery attempt, incorrect address A delivery attempt was made, but the address is incorrect.
Delivery attempt, recipient is unknown A delivery attempt was made, but the recipient is unknown.
Delivery attempt, undeliverable consignment A delivery attempt was made. However, the item is undeliverable.
Delivery failed A delivery may fail for a number of reasons. Depending on the case, the item will be held for several days at the post office before it is returned to the sender (see "Returned item") or redirected. The possible reasons for the consignment being returned can also be viewed under "Returned item".
Enquiry initiated An enquiry has been initiated concerning the consignment.
Forwarding order initiated The consignment has been forwarded on the basis of a forwarding order.
Handling of damaged packaging / clarification of address A consignment is deemed to be damaged if the wrapping is defective, if there are reasons to suspect that the contents have been damaged or if the address is no longer visible. These consignments are handled by units of Post CH Ltd and prepared again for transport. The recipient of the item must usually evaluate the damage to the contents.
Held as per the recipient’s instructions If you will not be at home for a lengthy period you can have your mail held at your post office.
Late arrival The item is late in arriving.
Later delivery as per recipient’s instructions The item will be delivered later, in accordance with the recipient’s instructions.
Misdirected Consignments may be misdirected if, for instance, the postcode is incorrect. Consignments are forwarded to the correct destination. This does not necessarily result in a delay but may do so.
Notified for collection (collection note) A delivery attempt has been made but the recipient was not present. Recipient notified of the item’s arrival via collection note.
Notified in P.O. Box for collection at the counter Notification of a consignment with P.O. Box delivery, which can be handed out in return for a signature or in person only, was placed in the recipient’s P.O. Box for collection at the counter.
Passed to field branch The item has been handed to the field branch.
Payment made and confirmed The payment has been made and confirmed electronically.
Payment pending, not yet confirmed The payment has been initiated but has not yet been confirmed electronically.
Postal customs clearance is complete Postal customs clearance has been completed.
Postal customs clearance process under way The consignment is being cleared through customs.
Processing of your electronic cash on delivery (BLN) still pending Your electronic cash on delivery consignment (BLN) is still being processed.
Registered item (R) was returned in accordance with the sender’s instructions The item was returned by means of the service specified by the sender.
Registration of consignment by the sender (data delivery) The sender has generated a consignment number for the item and transferred the data electronically to Swiss Post. The item has not usually been handed over to Swiss Post at this point.
Released by Swiss customs The postal customs clearance process in Switzerland is complete, and the consignment will be handed over for domestic delivery.
Retention period has been extended by recipient The item has been notified to the recipient for collection (see event "Notified for collection") and the retention period has been extended by the recipient.
Return delivery of court document because non-deliverable Return delivery at counter: A legal document which cannot be delivered is returned to the sender at the counter.Return delivery to P.O. Box: A legal document which cannot be delivered is returned to the sender via the P.O. Box.Return delivery at domicile: A legal document which cannot be delivered is returned to the sender at his/her home.
Return with instructions The item has been returned by A or B Mail at the request of the sender. From this event, no further information is available in Track & Trace. The reasons for return are the same as those listed under Returned item.
Returned item Because the item could not be delivered (e.g. letter box not labelled) or was undeliverable, it was returned.The following reasons may apply to an item being returned:Company no longer in business - The company to which the consignment is addressed no longer exists.Deceased - The addressee is deceased.Delivery refused - The recipient has refused to accept the item.Direct return as per sender’s instructions - The sender stated that the item should be returned immediately if delivery is unsuccessful.Letterbox / P.O. Box no longer emptied - The consignment has been returned because the letterbox / P.O. Box has not been emptied for an extended period.Military service (for BU) - The consignment has been returned because the recipient is currently doing military service.Moved, forwarding period expired - The recipient has moved, and his/her forwarding instructions have expired (usually the case after one year).New address poste restante (for BU and legal documents) - The consignment has been returned because there is a forwarding order to a poste restante address.New address abroad (for DD (debt collection documents), GU (court documents) and BLN (electronic cash on delivery) - The consignment has been returned because there is a forwarding order to an address abroad.New address outside debt collection district (for BU) - The consignment has been returned because the recipient no longer resides in the debt collection district.Not collected - Notification was left with the recipient to collect the item from the post office, but he/she had not done so by the time the deadline expired.Poste restante instructions - A poste restante instruction exists, the duration of which either exceeds the statutory time limit of 7 days for BU/legal documents or lasts longer than 2 months for remaining consignments In these cases, the consignment will be returned directly to the senderRecipient not found at address provided - The recipient’s address is unknown or the addressed person could not be found at the address provided. New recipient address unknown.Returned by recipient - Consignment has been placed in the postal letterbox marked "Refused".
Revocation Because recipients are unable to check the items immediately upon delivery with "postal delivery list", they can call on a right to revoke the completed delivery. A revocation must always refer to a specific consignment number and must be implemented the same day.
The consignment has been collected from the customer The consignment was collected directly from the customer by Swiss Post.
The consignment has left the Swiss border point The item has left the origin country and is en route to the destination country.
The recipient has initiated an order Forwarding Second attempted delivery Single authorization Extend storage period
The recipient has refused delivery The recipient has refused delivery.
Time at which your consignment was mailed This status shows when your consignment was mailed. It also shows the post office from which it was mailed.
Transport stage through Switzerland The item has crossed through Switzerland (transit item).

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