International express delivery service

TNT Tracking

TNT Express is one of the world's largest express delivery companies with a global reach to 200 countries and a very strong position in Europe.

TNT makes sure that your parcels, documents and freight items are delivered safely and on time throughout the world.

TNT offers road and air delivery services in Europe, the region of the Asia Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa.

TNT Tracking by Shipment Number

Track your parcel using either shipment number or reference number. You can find the shipment number in your confirmation email or on the collection manifest (under the barcode).

Use TNT Track & Trace for tracking all your TNT shipments – anytime and anywhere.

TNT Reference Tracking

TNT provides an optional reference during the booking of the shipment. If you don't have one, please track using the shipment number.

TNT Shipment Tracking

TNT’s national/international shipment tracking system can be used to find out whether a shipment has been delivered, who has signed it, and other useful tracking information. Customers can track their consignments by entering the 8-digit or 9-digit consignment number, or the consignment reference.

TNT Tracking in UK

TNT is one of the UK’s largest international delivery companies. Currently operating in 61 countries, TNT courier UK parcels and packages around the world, making it a major player in today’s sending economy. They even run their own airline, TNT Airways.

How many digits is TNT tracking number?

TNT tracking number contains 9 digits (946907500), or starts with GD, 9 digits, ends with WW/CN like GD503655955WW, GE826364693CN

TNT reference can by anything like: GB3189124397, ES2019EBAY0000678690

How long do TNT take to deliver?

Collections are between 9 a.m and 5.30 p.m. Collection and delivery are not guaranteed. Delivery within 3 to 5 working days on this service throughout Europe and the rest of the world (remote destinations may take a little longer).

Delivery time for TNT may vary according to where you live. TNT has an integrated network across 200 countries which makes it a good contributor in shipping in today’s economy. The TNT delivery times are the following:

  • Throughout the United-Kingdom, TNT provides an express next day delivery. Timed deliveries at 9 am, 10am or 12pm the next day are also available should you require a more expedited service. TNT Express tracking is very fast, for the 9:00 express system, your order will arrive at your door before 9 am. This is very good for a lot of the major cities in 40 countries. There is also a 10:00 and 12:00 express which is just like the 9:00 express in its options. TNT Express, in general, allows for delivery before 6 pm. This is very good for documents, parcels, and pallets.
  • Throughout Europe, TNT provides a service delivery within 1-3 working days.
  • For international services, it really depends on the country. However, TNT has a full range of accommodations that only take 1-2 days to arrive. This type of delivery is very good and reliable for individuals.

Track & Trace tells me I’ve missed my delivery. Can I rearrange it?

Of course! If the driver left a ‘We Missed You’ card, you or your customer can use it to arrange another delivery. No card? Just get in touch with TNT. You’ll need your shipment number and the delivery address to hand. Please note: shipments can only be redelivered between Monday and Friday.

TNT Tracking Not Updating?

Why isn’t my package showing up when I type in my shipment number? It can take up to an hour for a shipment to appear in TNT's system. Give it a bit of time then try tracking your parcel again. Shipments stay in TNT's system for approximately 90 days.

Why does my shipment number bring up shipments that aren’t mine?

TNT handles over two million shipments a month. That means the eight- or nine-digit numbers used to track parcels get reused every three or four weeks. The shipment number used to track parcels may not be unique to your shipment.

This means that your number might bring up a selection of shipments. You can identify your shipment from the returned results by date, origin and destination.

TNT Liege Euro Hub shipment in transit

The Liège Hub (now part of FedEx Express network) is one of the main TNT international sorting centres in Europe. it is a major sorting, aerial and road routing logistics centre. It is one of the key points in an extensive international freight forwarding network.

The TNT site at LIEGE AIRPORT was inaugurated in 1998 and enlarged in 2007. It now has over 1,500 employees. Its surface area of 75,000 sq. m. makes it one of the largest sorting hubs in Europe. This operational base handles all the European air freight and then dispatches it worldwide by air or by road.

TNT Express

TNT Express is an international courier delivery services company. It is a subsidiary of FedEx, with its headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

TNT fast, extensive road network across Europe provides a wide range of delivery services to meet your customer commitments and expand your reach. TNT connects Europe with more than 55,000 trips by road each week.

TNT offers an international, door-to-door network across more than 200 countries/territories, so your business can be more agile and cost efficient anywhere in the world.

With Parcels app, you can track the TNT shipments, as well as any package shipped from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

TNT tracking statuses

Status Description
Shipment delayed in transit. Recovery actions underway
Delay due to authorities. Recovery actions underway
There's been a delay but we're working hard to deliver on time
Shipment delivered in good condition
Shipment is out for delivery
Shipment in transit
Shipment arrived at connection point
Shipment now at the depot nearest to collection address'
Shipment collected from collection address
Customs has released the goods
Shipment arrived at TNT location
Transit time change. Please take note of the new delivery date and time
Held awaiting customs clearance. We have no influence on this process.
Shipment is at nearest collection depot
Connection delay. Recovery actions underway

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