United Airlines Cargo


United Airlines Air Cargo Tracking - 016

United Airlines, Inc., commonly referred to as United, is a major American airline headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois.

United operates a large domestic and international route network, with an extensive presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

United has seven hubs, with Chicago–O'Hare being its largest in terms of passengers carried and the number of departures.

United Cargo Shipment AWB Tracking

From the time you tender your shipment until 24 hours after delivery, you can check the shipment's progress by entering the air waybill number.

Enter 016 and the last eight digits from your air waybill in the tracking field and click on Track Cargo. Our system will provide you with the latest details on your shipment. If you do not have the air waybill number, contact United Cargo and they will be happy to help.

Track the United Airlines Cargo cargo using waybill, as well as any postal and courier shipment from China, Israel, USA, UK, Italy, France, Netherlands.

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