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Whistl is a UK's second-largest postal company after Royal Mail, delivers 4 billion items a year, trusted by some of the UK's biggest companies, handling 26% of Britain's mail.

Headquartered in Marlow, Whistl operates from six depots across the UK.

Whistl Tracking

If you are looking to track your deliveries then use our universal Parcel Tracking Tool, just enter your Whistl reference number to find your parcel.

Track your parcel with our tracking system that tracks your items from pick up to delivery, within the UK or Internationally.

How do I track my Whistl parcel?

Track your Whistl parcel using tracking number. Whistl tracking numbers look like: 011B004A41000415204001, L11324110MBJ108284.

How long does Whistl take to deliver?

About 5 days. Delivery times for Letters and Small Parcels by Whistl take 3–5 days from the point of collection. If you're using a drop-off service, this delivery time will begin when the courier comes to collect it, which could be the following day depending on the time at which you dropped your box off.

What is a Part-Tracked Service?

Letters and Small Parcels is a ‘part-tracked’ service, meaning that you can electronically track your box of letters and small parcels up until the point of handover at the Royal Mail depot.

Once your items have been handed over, you can expect your items to be delivered within 48 hours.

Whistl's International Customs Clearance process?

A UKP and Whistl collaboration allowing for a seamless transition of goods through the UK Border, through customs and even the final mile delivery.

Whistl manages the whole process, to provide a faster and smarter delivery option, to your customers.

  • Pre-Alert & Goods Manifest - Trader sends pre-alert & manifest of shipment items for import into the UK. Manifest inc. product values, commodity codes, VAT, etc.
  • Goods are Flown to LHR Airport - The customer/Whistl (if agreed) arranges for goods to be flown to London Heathrow (LHR) airport, using a pre-approved freight provider.
  • Customs Record Created - Whilst goods are in flight, a customs record and manifest is created. The manifest upload calculates the items tax and duty within each shipment.
  • Goods Arrival & Storage - Shipments arrive within our Internal Storage Facility, once cleared we transfer to the local External Storage Facility (near Heathrow, LHR)
  • Customs Clearance - Whistl fully manages the clearance of goods and make customs entries under Whistl duty deferment account. All on behalf of Whistl's import customers
  • Customer Pays Duties & Taxes - The trading customer pays Whistl any due duties and taxes, from the imported shipments
  • Items are Scanned - The received goods are scanned at the External Storage Facility (near Heathrow)
  • Item Validation - Received goods are validated against the corresponding manifest, at the External Storage Facility
  • Final Mile Handover - Whistl manages the process of the handover of goods, ready for the final mile delivery
  • Delivery to Customer - Final destination deliveries are then made to the end customer, through Whistl partners

Why am I unable to track my item on your consumer portal?

When searching for items on our consumer portal, please ensure you enter the full tracking ID in addition to the delivery postcode or zip code for the item. When entering the postcode or zip code, you must ensure it is entered exactly as supplied when originally printing labels.

Why is my parcel showing no tracking since it was collected?

Items will receive their first scan upon receipt at a depot following collection. If none of your items from the collection have yet to receive a scan, it is possible that the vehicle has yet to arrive at the depot or there has been a delay in the items being scanned.

If your parcel is showing no tracking but other items collected have, then it is possible an issue with the item was identified upon receipt and it has been quarantined, please contact Whistl.

Why has my parcel tracking stopped updating?

Most often when a parcel’s tracking has stopped updating, it is simply due to a small delay in the delivery, or a delay in the tracking system registering the parcel’s progress. However, if your parcel tracking has stopped for more than two or three days, there could be complications with the delivery itself. To check whether there has been any issues with your delivery, please contact Whistl via webchat.

When can I expect my parcel to be delivered?

This will be dependant upon the service the item has been sent upon. When tracking the item within Despatch Manager, an indicative delivery date will be given based upon the date the item label was printed. If after the label was printed the item was handed over to Whistl a day or more later, you may wish to add this difference in time to the expected delivery date to generate a more accurate delivery window.

My item has received no tracking for several days, is there a problem?

Items sent on International services may experience small breaks in tracking whilst in transit between the UK and destination countries. However, if your parcel tracking has stopped for more than three or four days, there could be complications with the delivery itself. To check whether there have been any issues with your delivery, please use the link below to query your item with Whistl Customer Services.

Will I be able to track my parcel to its destination?

You will be able to track your items from receipt at your local Whistl depot through to delivery. The level of tracking information available will depend upon the service used and the destination country.

Please note that when sending items on our Standard service, delivery confirmation will not always be provided for items sent to USA, Canada and Australia.

About Whistl

Whistl, formerly TNT Post UK, is a postal delivery company operating in the United Kingdom. The company primarily competes with UK Mail, UPS, Parcelforce, DHL, Hermes, Royal Mail and Yodel.

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Whistl tracking statuses

Status Description
Received and Processed by Whistl
Handed over to Delivery Carrier
Item Processed by Carrier - Weight Captured
Received by Carrier Hub
In Transit with Carrier
Out for Delivery
On Hold - Awaiting Pickup by Recipient
Delivery Attempt

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