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Yodel delivers millions of parcels every week to every postcode across the UK. That's why Yodel has more than 60 service centres to help get your parcel delivered on time, no matter where you need it to be.

Yodel also works with Fastway Couriers, Guernsey Post, and Jersey Post for deliveries to the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Isles.

Yodel offers UK parcel tracking for all of their deliveries so you know exactly where your delivery is at any moment.

Yodel Tracking

The company works closely with 80 percent of the UK’s major retailers, delivering 150 million packages annually. Yodel uses the smart bar code system which allows individual items to be tracked at all points along their journey.

You can use our parcel tracking service to find your parcel progress through the Yodel system by inputing the tracking number into search box on this page. This enables both sender and recipient to monitor deliveries.

Find out where your parcel is. Simply enter your parcel reference number above and hit track to find out where your parcel is.

How do I track my parcel?

You can track your parcel by entering your parcel reference number above. All you need is your parcel number to be able to see the status of your parcel.

What is my parcel ID or number?

It’s a unique code that allows us to track your parcel. It’s usually between 8 and 20 digits long. You should have been sent a parcel number by your sender either when you ordered your goods, when your parcel was dispatched or on the day of delivery. If Yodel missed you and left a card, there will be an 8-digit reference number printed on there that you can use too.

Why is there no tracking for my parcel?

If you have just ordered your goods, it may take a short time for the parcel information to update on our systems. If you have had your parcel number for more than a day and there is no tracking information then please contact the sender to verify your parcel number is correct and that the parcel has been passed over to Yodel.

Yodel tracking number

Tracking numbers are similar to JD0002210160195973, 8AF710004557A002, 8999R04098251. Yodel Direct tracking numbers look like YOL1522927

What Yodel tracking statuses mean

With Sender or Awaiting Collection: This is one of the first tracking events you will see. Yodel knows there is a parcel on the way but Yodel haven't yet received it from your sender.

Left Sender or Collected: The sender has shipped the parcel and its on its way to Yodel depot.

At Yodel Depot: This means that Yodel have received your parcel and it will be made ready for delivery on the right day. This status will also show if Yodel tried to deliver your parcel but had to take it back to the depot.

Left Yodel Depot: Your parcel was at your local depot but is now on its way to you. This stage can also show as our ‘With Courier/Driver’ status, which is explained below.

With Courier/Driver: Your parcel is on its final step of its journey is currently safely in the hands of our delivery driver. If you are expecting a 48 or 72 hour delivery it may not be delivered today – you can check your estimated delivery date in your parcel's tracking

Was with Courier/Driver: This could mean two things: Either we have delivered your parcel, or we missed you and it is on the way back to our depot to keep safe. If this is the first delivery attempt, we will try to deliver your parcel to you two more times over the next consecutive, working days

Delivered: This means that we have delivered your parcel, either straight to you, to a neighbour or a safe place. The tracking page will tell you where we have delivered your parcel

About Yodel

Yodel works with a variety of B2B and B2C sectors, including fashion, leisure, health and beauty, home and garden, electrical, gifts, publishing, entertainment, and industrial components. And, Yodel also offers specialist handling for delicate items such as wine and flowers.

The company now known as Yodel started life as the logistics sector for the Shop Direct Group (SDG), which eventually demerged in 2008. SDG was formed when Reality, previously Shop Direct, and Business Express, which had been Littlewoods, combined forces.

Trading as Home Delivery Network, the company changed its name to Yodel in 2013. Due to the nature of the way the company had been formed, it has retained a large part of the UK delivery services for a the majority of the retailing sector, including Amazon, Argos, Boots and Tesco Direct. As well as the Yodel branded constituents there were other associated companies, Parcelpoint and HDN (NI) Limited, but these are all now included in the Yodel Delivery Network. Following a spate of negative publicity the company launched a Customer Experience Academy to address the issues raised, backed by a recognised customer care qualification. After concentrating on home delivery, Yodel has now made its network more accessible for smaller companies and private customers with the introduction of Yodel Direct. Yodel also owns Collect Plus, in a joint venture with Paypoint, which uses a network of over 5,500 small retailers and larger brands that include ASDA, COOP, NISA, Spar, Costcutter and McColls. Collect Plus looks after smaller customers and offers three services to send and return items, as well as a click and collect system for online purchases.

Parcels app allows you to track the packages delivered by Yodel, as well as any packages sent from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or bought on AliExpress, Joom, GearBest, BangGood, Taobao, eBay, JD.com, Shopee and other popular online stores.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

Yodel tracking statuses

Status Description
Your parcel will be with us soon
Your parcel is at our sort centre
Your parcel has arrived at your local depot
We tried to deliver your parcel but it was refused at the door. Please contact the sender with any queries
Your parcel has been returned to your sender. Please contact them with any queries
Your parcel is with one of our drivers for delivery
Your parcel has been delivered
Thank you for collecting your parcel from us.

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