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Zinc Logistics - is the secret backbone of e-commerce in US. Their team builds listing creation, inventory management, repricing, and fulfillment software currently used by tens of thousands of the top Amazon and eBay sellers. Zinc powers the product catalog for dozens of US and international e-commerce sites.

ZN Logic Tracking

ZNLOGIC tracking numbers look like ZPYAA0041150365YQ and you can track them using our global postal tracker.

Zinc Package Tracking

Get most recent tracking status along with the history of your package shipment process by tracking your Zinc package with our service.

With Parcels app, you can easily find out the exact location of your packages or shipments delivered by Zinc Logistics.

Zinc Logistics Tracking API

Create free API account and start tracking any shipment, freight, sea cargo and Air Waybill.

Get detailed information with maximum possible attributes about your shipments, latest status and location.

Create your own tracking page for your online shop, or integrate our shipment tracking API into your corporate messenger like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Designed for developers to easily integrate Zinc Logistics tracking functionality

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

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