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Rastreo de paquetes, envíos y entregas de «MyIB International Bridge»

Con la aplicación Parcels, puede averiguar fácilmente la ubicación exacta de sus paquetes o envíos entregados por MyIB International Bridge.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Descarga la aplicación Parcels para iPhone o Android para saber siempre dónde están tus paquetes y recibe notificaciones Push cuando cambia el seguimiento de paquetes.

MyIB International Bridge estados de seguimiento

Estado Description
Arrived at Post Office Typically, this status indicates that our warehouse personnel have delivered your package to a Post Office facility so that they can complete the delivery directly to your address. Although this does not always mean the Post Office has scanned it into their system, it is an indication that we have delivered it to them and that they are processing the package. Sometimes this status simply means that your order was dropped off at a main Post Office for sorting and shipping to your local Post Office. The following are examples of some of the main sorting facilities: Anchorage – AK, Honolulu – HI, and Carolina – PR. If your package has this status and you normally pickup your packages sent via USPS at your local post office, then typically you are able to pick up your package at the Post Office at this time by using your tracking number.
Delivered This status means that we have received confirmation from USPS and that the package was delivered to the intended address.
Missorted or Mis-shipped This status appears when your package has mistakenly been shipped to an incorrect address. It also means that the mistake was discovered, is in the process of being corrected, and that the package is being sent to the proper address. In most cases missorted or mis-shipped packages are re-routed to the correct address within 2 business days. If you do not receive your package soon after it has been mis-sorted, please International Bridge at
Notice Left This status indicates that our final-mile delivery partner, USPS, attempted to deliver your package but was unable to (this could be because you weren't home, or your package is too large for your mailbox, or your address is undeliverable through your local post office, etc.). In this case, USPS informed us that they have left you a notice to pick up your package. You can either call your Post Office to request a redelivery or go to the Post Office to pick up your order. Be prepared to provide them with your tracking number. Post Offices usually hold packages for some time before sending them back to the company-shipper.
Received data This status indicates that we have received the necessary data for your package from the company where you made your purchase. However, it does not mean we have received the actual package to ship—it usually takes a day or two for the package to get from the company- shipper to our warehouse.
Rejected or Refused This status appears when the package was delivered, but the customer refused to accept the package. In this case, the package will be returned to the company from which you placed your order.
Returned This status indicates that your package has been sent back to the company-shipper. As USPS typically uses the least-costly method for returning packages, this process can take a long time to return a package to the sender. If this return was done in error, we suggest you contact the company where you made the purchase and see if they will reship your order prior to receiving the returned package.
Undeliverable as addressed or Wrong Address This status indicates that the package was undeliverable because of a problem with the address provided on the box or because the Post Office does not have the option of street delivery. The USPS is typically quite efficient at returning these undeliverable packages within a day or so. So usually, the package will not be available for pick up unless you catch this error fairly quickly. In these cases, the Post Office will typically return the packages back to the company-shipper.
Under Investigation This status indicates that our Customer Service team is currently looking into a specific service issue as it relates to your package.

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