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Cek Resi Amazon paket dan pengiriman

Dengan ParcelsApp, Anda dapat melacak pengiriman Amazon, serta paket apa pun yang dikirim dari Cina, Hong Kong, Singapura, Malaysia.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Unduh aplikasi Parcels untuk iPhone atau Android untuk selalu tahu di mana paket Anda, dan dapatkan pemberitahuan Push saat pelacakan paket berubah.

Amazon status pelacakan

Status Deskripsi
Pickup scheduled with Carrier.
Package has left the seller's premises and is on the way to the carrier
Package arrived at an Amazon facility. San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA, US
Carrier picked up the package.
Package left an Amazon facility. San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA, US
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Package being processed at carrier facility.
Package is out for delivery.
Package held by carrier as the delivery address is incomplete. Please contact the carrier to update your address information.

by tisunov