Layanan pengiriman ekspres internasional

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Cek Resi TNT paket dan pengiriman


Dengan ParcelsApp, Anda dapat melacak pengiriman TNT, serta paket apa pun yang dikirim dari Cina, Hong Kong, Singapura, Malaysia.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Unduh aplikasi Parcels untuk iPhone atau Android untuk selalu tahu di mana paket Anda, dan dapatkan pemberitahuan Push saat pelacakan paket berubah.

TNT status pelacakan

Status Deskripsi
Shipment delayed in transit. Recovery actions underway
Delay due to authorities. Recovery actions underway
There's been a delay but we're working hard to deliver on time
Shipment delivered in good condition
Shipment is out for delivery
Shipment in transit
Shipment arrived at connection point
Shipment now at the depot nearest to collection address'
Shipment collected from collection address
Customs has released the goods
Shipment arrived at TNT location
Transit time change. Please take note of the new delivery date and time
Held awaiting customs clearance. We have no influence on this process.
Shipment is at nearest collection depot
Connection delay. Recovery actions underway

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