Società di logistica


Entrego Ricerca Spedizioni Pacchi

Con l'applicazione Parcels, è possibile tenere traccia del carico Entrego, nonché delle spedizioni provenienti da Cina, Hong Kong, Singapore e Malesia.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Scarica l'applicazione Parcels per iPhone o Android per sapere sempre dove sono i tuoi pacchetti e ricevere notifiche push quando le modifiche dello stato di tracciamento delle spedizioni.

Entrego possibili stati di spedizione

Stato Descrizione dello Stato di spedizione
Your parcel has departed the logistics facility.
Your parcel has been inbounded at the logistics facility.
Your parcel has been picked up.
Your order has been packed and will be handed over to our logistics partner LEX PH.
Your package is being processed for delivery.
Your package has arrived at Destination Hub.
Your package is in transport from Sortation Center.
Your package is submitted to carrier.
An attempt was made to deliver your package. Reason: Recipient not at home
The package that is for return-to-sender is in the processing center.
Your package is in transport to another hub.
Your package is out for delivery.

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