One World Express

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One World Express 패키지 및 배송 추적

중국, 이스라엘, 미국, 영국, 이탈리아, 프랑스, 네덜란드에서 출발하는 모든 우편 및 택배 발송물뿐만 아니라 운송장을 사용하여 One World Express 화물을 추적하십시오.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

iPhone 또는 Android용 Parcels 앱을 다운로드하여 패키지 위치를 항상 파악하고 패키지 추적 변경 시 푸시 알림을 받으세요.

One World Express 추적 상태

상태 설명
Parcel Is Leaving Hong Kong Airport - 160-51103776, Estimated Arrival Time At Destination Airport Is 2017-07-27 07:45 Utc Time. Parcel Leaving Port
End Custom Clear Process (green Channel)
Electronic Notification Received
Parcel Departure In Owe Hongkong Sorting Centre Heading To Hong Kong Airport, Estimated Flight Departure Time Is 2017-07-27 00:50 Hk Time. Parcel Departure
Manifest Generate. Parcel Data received. Parcel Electronically notified to OWE - awaiting to be received
Start Custom Clear Process
Shipment Received In Madrid
Celeritas- Entregado A Agente
El Pedido Ha Salido De Las Instalaciones Del Vendedor
Envio Recibido Por El Transportista
Parcel received at OWE Shenzhen Sorting Centre
Parcel departure in Shenzhen Sorting Centre.
Parcel arrived in OWE sorting centre, LHR. London Heathrow
Parcel is under processing in Postal Sorting Centre
Shipment has arrived in destination country, will be delivered in upcoming days
Reparto Pospuesto Hasta PrÓximo DÍa Laborable
En Reparto
Envio Entregado

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