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Belgische postdienst

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BPost Tracking Internationale Zending

Bpost international

Volg de België Post - Bpost vracht per vrachtbrief, evenals post- en koeriersverzending vanuit China, Israël, Verenigde Staten, Groot-Brittannië, Italië, Frankrijk, Nederland.

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België Post - Bpost pakketstatussen

Staat Omschrijving
Departure from office of exchange
Arrival at international office of exchange
Item released from customs
Item in delivery
Your item has been sorted
Item information registered manually at the counter
Item not delivered : delivery attempt done - other reason
Arrival at facilities
Item delivered
Your bpost parcel is ready to be handled in our international network
New delivery foreseen : at request of addressee
Confirmation of preparation of the shipment received
Item presented to customs for control
Item in distribution phase
Item information registered manually
Retained at customs : reason unknown
Item presented : addressee absent - message left in addressee's letterbox
Irregularity item : problem address
Your international parcel is ready to be handled by bpost
Customs cleared : authorized
Item presented at customs
Item deposited
Item available at pickup point
Back to sender : item refused by addressee
Awaiting response from addressee : delivery impossible - item damaged
Item not delivered : addressee was contacted

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