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ALLJOY SUPPLY CHAIN CO.,LTD. was founded in May 2010. Providing international freight forwarding, E-commerce cross-border logistics, warehousing, overseas distribution and other supply chain services. ALLJOY is the first Cross-border E-Commerce emerging Marketplaces' logistics solution provider, who focus on India, Turkey and Pakistan.

ALLJOY engaged to be the best e-commerce cross-border logistics services provider who focus on emerging marketplaces in China, providing China-Turkey, China-India, China-Pakistan and more international logistics services.

ALLJOY make full use of local advantages to serve customers with sea or air from China warehouse to customers’ end.

AllJoy Tracking

AllJoy shipping is popular delivery method when shopping on Banggood and GearBest, with our universal postal tracker you can easily track any AllJoy tracking numbers!

If you see India Direct Mail as delivery method on Banggood, most often your order will sent with AllJoy Logistics.

AllJoy International Freight Forwarding

ALLJOY professionally provide import and export of food, wood and home furniture, including sea freight, air freight, warehousing, customs clearance and so on.

ALLJOY serves more than 3260 customers, covering over 140 countries around the world. Their famous customers: Media, Huawei, Meizu.

About AllJoy

ALLJOY, is founded on principles of striving for the dream —— making up conditions for our excellent colleagues growing, providing professional service to our customers, devoting ourselves to this world.

Firstly ALLJOY commit themselves to create the open, honest, justly, comfortable and joyfully working place to their colleagues, realize that we are responsible for our colleagues’ reward and personally development; so ALLJOY promises to improve the colleagues living quality, let the colleagues enjoy our joyful working, and support them present the life worth.

Secondly, ALLJOY struggles for satisfaction of customers, serve the customers by honesty, responsibility, fighting for advantage of them; keep progressively and exceed day by day to provide professional, entirely supply chain service to our customers as a team.

Finally, for every one of us, ALLJOY believes fulfill and exceed self job, help and support the progress of person who is around ourselves, and act as a team to serve other co-operations and/or companies, are the ways to devote to this world; meanwhile we participate in commonweal, keep devoting ourselves.

Located in RM.303, 3rd Floor, Bldg.B, Jianye High-tech Industrial Park, Bantian Street, Longgang Dist, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Prov. China

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