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Tracking GearBest USA Express, UK Express, Canada Express

GearBest is one of the largest Chinese stores, not a marketplace like AliExpress, on which almost every seller can open his store location. Therefore, GearBest's requirements for delivery of goods are rather strict, all parcels are registered and tracked all the way up to delivery, with rare exceptions.

When the Gearbest seller ships you your order, he sends it to the postal or courier service. This service, in turn, assigns a unique number of the dispatch to distinguish your parcel from all the others that this service delivers. This unique number is called the tracking number, or track number.

Most often this number is located on the order page of GearBest, or it can come to you by e-mail after you send the order.

Tracking Gearbest shipments

I will not reveal any secret to anyone if I say that there are no features in tracking parcels from Gearbest. The same delivery services are used as in any other Chinese online store / site. Only the names of delivery methods in each store differ.

GearBest has multitude of delivery methods named as ITGLS, ATDHL, EUEXPHQD, DPDUK1, ITEXPBRT, BRTEXP, FREXPCOHK, BEEXPHQ, BERAMHQ or Priority Line Shipping, Priority Line India Express, USA Express, GearBest Expedited Shipping, Gearbest Registered Air Mail, AU Priority Line, GearBest Unregistered Air Mail. Let's describe them one by one.

It's very easy to track the Gearbest packages, enter the tracking ID in the search field on this page at the top and click Track.

Tracking GearBest Unregistered Air Mail

Packages sent through Unregistered Air Mail have a tracking number that works only while parcel travels through China. If you want to track your parcel all the way to your country, then upgrade to Air Mail, Priority Line or Expedited Shipping.

How to track GearBest Registered Air Mail?

Registered Air Mail packages are usually sent by state postal service like Belgium Post, China Post, ePacket. Such packages have tracking number which will allow you to follow package from the seller to your door.

Tracking GearBest Priority Line

GearBest uses best known shipping route depending on warehouse your purchase resides in and your destination country. Usually Priority Line shipments are send by AllJoy to India, DHL Paket to Germany, DHL eCommerce.

Tracking GearBest shipping to the United States with USA Express

Delivery for USA Express usually handled by USPS and tracking is connected to all the logistics partners and collect all the relevant tracking information when the package is scanned at a delivery checkpoint.

The first place the package will reach is the Hong Kong airport. There is no big difference if your parcel is sent out from a Chinese or Hong Kong warehouse since it usually arrives there overnight. GearBest uses dedicated delivery lines to reach the airport quickly, but be aware that sometimes there are not updates on the package until it is scanned in the airport.

When you see your package at the point of “Parcel is leaving Hong Kong Airport” remember that the package has to go through security checks in the airport, then placed inside a pallet and flown to the US. Since our customer we collaborated with is in Little Rock, AR the package arrived at Hebron, KY about 5 days after it had left the warehouse. This is typically the longest step of USA Express.

Once it has arrived in Hebron, KY, before it can be logged and updated the package has to go through customs and then is shipped out shortly after. You will be notified when it leaves that warehouse.

After you are notified that your package has left Hebron, you will then be updated on your package’s next stage where it is scanned at the intermediate warehouses, DHL and UPS like to scan a package as it comes in to the ware and as it leaves so you are kept as up to date as possible.

Now that the package has arrived in the destination city of Little Rock, AR the tracking website will update the information online. Depending on the carrier you could receive a text or email letting you know your order is on its way to the delivery address.

GearBest Italy Express

When shipping with Italy Express packages are delivered by GLS and Bartolini.

GearBest AU Express tracking

The tracking of AU Express from Gearbest works through SZDPEX. The final delivery of the parcel is made in Australia by Australia Post.

Tracking GearBest Expedited Shipping

This is fastest delivery method and preffered carriers are FedEx and UPS, DHL Express.

What is the delivery method of BERAMHQ?

This delivery by airmail from Belgium Post, stands for Belgium Registered Airmail or registered airmail from Belgium.

The parcels are delivered to the sorting center of the Postal of Belgium in China, from where they are transported to continental Europe by air and then delivered to the final destination country.

What is GearBest delivery deadline?

Usually they state 25 business days and if package didn't arrive in time, suggest to contact customer service. For certain packages our service will use extensive statistics about packages going into your country and estimate delivery time for your package.

Gearbest Warehouses

When buying at GearBest, you might notice that the goods of one company can be shipped from different warehouses. On the page of each product in the store Gearbest there is a line "Warehouse Options", where you can see in which warehouses there is this product.

The Gearbest warehouses have either the country of location (China) or the code like: HK-2, RU-CN, RU-HK, RU-HK-2. Gearbest warehouses around the world help the company shorten the delivery time to the buyer and often saves on shipping when ordering from the warehouse closest to you. Usually the most profitable option for the cost of shipping is in China, so China Warehouse is most often specified as the default shipping depot.

By the availability of goods in the warehouses of GearBest, the first place is occupied by warehouses of the Asian region (China Warehouse), followed by the United States, Europe and, in the end, Russia.

The option of choosing the warehouse from which the goods you buy will allow you to save with the right approach. If you order several items at once and want them to come to you in one package, you need all of them to be available in one warehouse.

Therefore, if there is an option to choose a warehouse "Warehouse Options", be sure to see from which warehouse the cost of the goods will be lower.

About GearBest

Gearbest is proud to be one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms for high-quality products from Gearbest and individual sellers.

Although Gearbest shows the office address in England on its official website, its main operating center, as well as storage facilities are in Shenzhen, China. This is, in fact, a Chinese online store, serving global buyers.

One of the main pleasant features of Gearbest is its customer-friendly policy of guarantee, return and exchange of goods. If you are not satisfied with the product purchased from the site, you can return it within 45 days to receive the full cost of the goods. In addition, you can send it back to the store for exchange within 3 months of receipt. Even in the shop, free repair and lifelong technical support are provided.

GearBest is more than just a shopping site, it's created for gadget lovers by gadget lovers. GearBest has various useful and fun gadgets, including smartphones, smart watches, car electronics, quadcopters, LED lights, consumer electronics, etc. GearBest offers not only a large selection of the latest gadgets, but also keeps prices as the lowest in the whole world! If you find the same gadgets on other sites that are cheaper than GearBest (not including the cost of shipping or shipping), you can send a request by specifying a link with a low price on the product page, and they equate their cost within 48 hours .

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