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Joom Logistics is a logistics company that delivers products ordered from Joom online marketplace to Russia From October 2018, the international online marketplace Joom begins to deliver all the ordered goods to Russia using its own logistics company Joom Logistics. It was registered in China in early 2018, and as of October 2018, more than half of all orders placed on the Joom marketplace are already delivered to Russia through the company. This is expected to reduce the average delivery time for orders to major Russian cities from twenty to five to ten days. Reducing the delivery time is expected to achieve, first of all, due to the optimization of logistics processes and delivery control system. In particular, tracking parcels online will prevent delays and reduce the percentage of undelivered orders, the company said. Joom Logistics solutions also allow you to simplify the work of the Russian postal service, delivering Joom orders within the country. One of these innovations is the preliminary sorting of parcels by region of origin, which Joom Logistics performs before sending to Russia. In the near future, Joom also intends to optimize the process of delivery to the regions by sending the sorted parcels directly to regional centers without using Moscow hubs.

Track Joom Logistics To track Joom Logistics packages outside of the Joom application and site, you need to install our ParcelsApp package tracking application and import your orders from Joom. The application will automatically add the track numbers of your orders together with the names of the goods and you will be able to track the Joom Logistics shipments like all other packages.

Parcels is iOS and Android app, which will help you track shipments delivered by Joom Logistics.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

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