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Landmark Global is the international division of bpost, Belgium’s national postal service. bpost has more than 20,000 employees, handling over 3.9 billion items per year and delivering to more than five million addresses every day. The business has grown from basic international mail and parcel delivery to providing full service end-to-end solutions.

Landmark Tracking

Landmark provide limited global tracking for parcels in transit, which starts at the point of distribution from the collection/drop off point at the UK hub.

Once Landmark retrieve your parcel, you will receive tracking details via email. All you need to do is to input your Tracking Number on this page to retrieve your results.

Please note that this is not live tracking. Your parcel's location will be updated at each stage of the journey across the Landmark network; this means that pauses are to be expected and customers are advised to not expect an update every single day.

Once your parcel(s) have been dispatched from Belgium and are in transit to their final delivery location, a tracking notification will appear when the parcel(s) have arrived in the country they are being delivered to. In most cases, the final delivery will be made to a local postal service.

However, if your parcel has remained stagnant for a prolonged time, Landmark encourage customers to get in contact and check on its current status and location. Economy delivery to most destinations is 15 working days.

Landmark Global Canada Tracking

Landmark Global offers Canadian parcel delivery with final mile delivery made by Canada Post.

Landmark Parcel Tracking

With Landmark, you can enjoy a hassle-free international two-legged service. Your parcel(s) will first travel to the UK sorting hub in Dover where they will be checked, weighed and measured to ensure that they meet the terms of transit. Goods are then re-labelled with the relevant customs documentation for Landmark to then collect.

All shipments may pass through land, sea and air at some stage of the journey. As an economy service, the standard transit time is 15 working days to most destinations, but some destination countries can be 21 days or more. Please note that transit times are not guaranteed and may be longer depending on the nature and route of the delivery journey.

Landmark Courier Tracking

Landmark Global provides full labeling, manifesting, tracking, and EDI compliance and offers a variety of service levels, including both priority and economy delivery services.

Landmark Global Tracking not Updating/Working

Why Landmark tracking is not updating? Probably your package hasn’t been registered yet. Sometimes, packages do not get scanned due to human or technical errors. Always double check your tracking number, as there is most likely error.

Landmark Global UK Shipping Tracking

Landmark Global offers an affordable and flexible solution for your non urgent international parcels. All Landmark Global deliveries include full online tracking from collection right through to delivery.

You will be given a unique tracking number at the time of shipment that you can track using our parcel search engine.

Landmark Global Economy Tracking

Utilising the local postal services, this service offers a cost effective delivery option around the world. This service is collected by Hermes, where it is then forwarded to Landmark Global for delivery.

Landmark Global World Economy Tracking

Utilising the local postal services, this service offers a cost effective delivery option to many worldwide destinations. This service is collected by Hermes, where it will be forwarded to Landmark Global for international delivery.

Landmark Economy Super Saver

Affordable, hassle-free worldwide delivery service with online tracking available.

Why aren't I seeing tracking updates?

If you haven’t seen some updates in a couple days, it does not necessarily mean there is an issue. It is not uncommon for shipments being delivered outside of North America to have certain periods in the shipment lifecycle where the shipment is in transit between updates.

Rest assured Landmark Global is regularly updating the status of your shipment, and that they will do our best to indicate any possible delays.

Who is delivering my package?

As soon as Landmark Global has received and processed your package from the seller, their tracking page​ will show you which local delivery carrier will be delivering your package.

Where is my package?

Simply enter your Landmark Global tracking number in parcel search field above. Landmark tracking numbers are similar to LTN141057333, LDLBUS011934633, LPR0012360044640

The tracking on my package appears to have stopped. Or, I think my package might be lost or stolen. What should I do?

Contact the Customer Service Agents of the retailer you made your purchase from. They are able to open investigations with Landmark Global to resolve any issues that may arise.

Landmark Tracking To be routed

To be routed status update means your shipment is in transit to the next transit location, before being handed over to final mile delivery courier in your country

My tracking page shows an “attempted delivery.” When will the carrier be back to deliver my parcel?

Typically, the carrier will be back the next business day. Sometimes they will reattempt delivery later in the same day. It is also possible they will hold the parcel awaiting pick-up at a local distribution center, and in this case they will leave a calling card at the customer’s address.

When can I expect my package?

This will vary based on where the package is going, although Landmark will always show a package is out for delivery if that information is provided by our delivery partner. If you have questions about the arrival date of your package, try checking the delivery carrier’s site for a delivery estimate, or reach out to the customer service team of the company you purchased from for assistance. Once your order has shipped, you can find a link to the delivery carrier’s site on our ​tracking page​ when viewing the status of your shipment; both near the top of the page by the current status and in the Delivery Details section farther down the page.

What does it mean if my shipment is held by customs?

Sometimes customs may require shipment inspections, which can result in a slight shipping delay. Typically your shipment will be released without significant delay to continue on its way to your door.

My package says delivered but I didn't receive it

Reach out to the delivery carrier listed on Landmark Global ​tracking page​, or contact the customer service team of the retailer you purchased from for assistance. You can find the link to the delivery carrier’s site on Landmark Global ​tracking page​ when viewing the status of your shipment; both near the top of the page by the current status and in the Delivery Details section farther down the page.

What’s Landmark Global’s role in shipping my order?

Landmark partners with one of your local delivery carriers to bring the order to your door. When you buy something online, the retailer you purchased from boxes up your order and sends it to one of Landmark Global’s facilities. Landmark Global then oversees the transport and customs clearance, when applicable, of your shipment into your country of residence. Landmark’s delivery partner manages the final leg of bringing the shipment to your door. Their tracking page​ will always list the local carrier physically delivering your package.

About Landmark Global

By leveraging their global network, Landmark Global deliver millions of cross-border shipments to over 220 countries, and are also able to offer the ability to utilise convenient pick-up locations.

For more than a decade, Landmark Global's business has grown significantly from basic international mail to parcel delivery and much more including full end-to-end solutions for businesses and technology and trade consulting. Today Landmark Global has strategically located hubs across Europe and the world with the expertise, infrastructure and operational capabilities to manage your parcel shipments.

Track the Landmark Global cargo using waybill, as well as any postal and courier shipment from China, Israel, USA, UK, Italy, France, Netherlands.

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