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Shopee Express Tracking - SPX Tracking

Shopee Xpress is an integrated logistics service by Shopee. It aims to deliver your items in the fastest time possible. Delivery time may vary from 1-3 business days. Shopee Xpress operates seven days a week from 9AM - 6PM (excluding selected holidays).

Since it is one of Shopee’s supported Logistics partner, you can easily keep track of your order directly via app, website or on the Shopee Xpress tracking site. Shopee Guarantee also applies with orders from Shopee Xpress.

Shopee Express tracking

Shopee Xpress is integrated within the Shopee platform. Item/s may be sourced from different places, delivery time may vary from 1-3 business days.

You can easily keep track of your order directly via our mobile app or website.

Is it possible to re-arrange the date and time of delivery? What if I will not be around at the time of delivery?

Delivery partners are advised to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes upon arrival at the delivery location. Shopee Xpress will attempt to deliver your order for up to 2 times only.

Can someone receive my order, on my behalf if I’m not available?

If you will not be available to receive your order, you may assign someone to receive the parcel on your behalf. Your representative must be provided with an authorization letter to receive the package, especially if it is prepaid.

Can I pay for my Cash-on-Delivery (COD) order after I have opened and checked the package?

Opening of parcels without cash payment is strictly prohibited. Our delivery partners will not turn over the package without receiving full payment first.

Shopee Xpress shipping and delivery status



Incomplete Address

Details such as street number, barangay, correct zip code is incomplete which resulted to inaccurate location

Address does not match

Parcel address didn’t match current location of buyer

Inaccessible Location

Buyer address can’t be located due to calamity driven factors, nationwide

Buyer not on location

Buyer not on the parcel address

No payment received (COD)

Buyer didn’t provide payment / parcel to be returned to rider - need to confirm with buyer if will resched delivery within SLA 


Only to be used for parcels that were assigned to incorrect hub / out of serviceable area

Insufficient Time

Rider exceeded 7PM time which is the EOS of Finance team
Considered as courier’s fault

Item lost

Rider lost item

Damaged item

Rider delivered damaged item, buyer opened parcel real time


Rider was involved in accident, traffic violations and other life-threatening circumstances

Rejected by buyer

Buyer not interested with parcel

Buyer Re-Schedule

Buyer informs the rider to deliver outside SLA (after 3 days from AWB date)

Your parcel has been received by sorting center

The order has been successfully picked up.

Your parcel has arrived at destination hub

The order has been received at destination hub and ready for sorting

The order has been taken by the Courier

The order is on the way to the buyer.

Order has been delivered

The order has been successfully delivered.

Parcels is iOS and Android app, which will help you track shipments delivered by Shopee Express.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

Shopee Express tracking statuses

Status Description
Your order has been created
Your parcel has arrived at sorting center
Your parcel is being transported to another station
Your parcel has arrived at destination hub
Courier is delivering your parcel
Your parcel has been delivered
Pesanan anda telah dijanakan
Parcel anda belum sampai di sorting center
Bungkusan anda sedang dihantar ke stesen lain
Parcel anda telah diterima oleh sorting center
Kurier sedang mengirimkan parcel anda
Pesanan telah terbuat
Paket sedang menuju sorting center
Paket telah diterima di sorting center
Paket sedang dikirim oleh Kurir
Your parcel is on-hold. On-hold reason: incomplete address. If any questions, please contact at 028805200
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