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Borderfree Order Tracking

Borderfree is well known to international shoppers, as it provides many US shops and websites to sell their wares worldwide. They provide the shopping cart software, payment processing and shipping for overseas and international packages for many of the most popular American shopping internet sites.

Many USA shops/online retailers (like Macy's, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Target, Ralph Lauren, LL.Bean) are now allowing people to buy from all over the world. They use a third party mail forwarding company Borderfree to handle all their international orders.

Borderfree tracking

In order to track your package via Borderfree you will need the email address that you used when you did your shopping and your Borderfree order number (starts with E4X), you can find your order number in the shipment confirmation email that you will have received from Borderfree, alternatively the order number can be obtained from the merchant your shopped with.

In order to track your package you can enter your Borderfree order number on this page and after prompt enter your e-mail address. Once you have done this you will be given a status update of your package.

Borderfree tracking in Canada

Shipments to Canada from Borderfree are handled by Canada Post. Borderfree, Inc. is an approved CREDITS participant with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

In addition to Canada Post, Borderfree ships to Canada using express service DHL Express.

How can I track my international order?

If your order has shipped you can track it here.

The email with your tracking number is the third email you'll receive on your order.

  • When you place your order you will receive an order confirmation email from Borderfree saying your order has been received by Borderfree.
  • Once approved, the order is sent to your shop for processing and you'll get a second confirmation email with the Borderfree order number.
  • Once the order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number. This can take 5-7 days from the time of your order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery times vary depending on the Borderfree store you are purchasing from, the shipping address on the order, and the available shipping options. At checkout, you will see an estimated delivery timeframe for each available shipping option before you submit your order.

Borderfree tracking number

Borderfree tracking number looks like E4X001072830429 and you need to enter your e-mail address in order to access enhanced order tracking information and package tracking number, which our system will track with all necessary delivery companies serving your country.

Borderfree partially shipped order

When partial shipments arrive or an order is shipped in multiple packages, Borderfree identifies the contents and performs a partial charge against the international customer's credit card for the amount of the items being shipped, the duties and taxes associated with those items, and the shipping and handling amount for that package. Funds are captured from consumers once parcels are shipped, and only for pro-rated amounts based on the value of a single parcel in the case of a partially shipped order or split shipment. Additionally, Borderfree guarantees its foreign exchange rates in pre-order scenarios.

You will receive separate tracking number for each shipped package from your order.

Borderfree Global Transporation

Borderfree contracts with third-party hub facilities in Lockbourne, Ohio, Romulus, Michigan, Franklin Park, Illinois, Fort Worth, Texas and a Canadian facility located in Etobicoke, Ontario where they receive inbound parcels from customers and process them for export and international delivery. They intend to contract with additional hub facilities to support the growing scale of their business. Borderfree logistics platform provides significant advantages to their customers.

  • Simple for the Retailer. At its U.S. warehouse, the retailer picks and packs the parcel as a domestic shipment, with minimal change from its existing processes, and using its preferred U.S. carrier. Although the option exists to tender parcels to U.S. carriers as individual parcels, the retailer can also consolidate the parcel with other international orders bound for our hubs, which reduces shipping costs.
  • Product Sorting and Classification. Once a shipment arrives at our hubs, it is sorted and an operator scans individual parcels. The operator inspects the merchandise for country of origin if it has not been provided from the merchant electronically, prints an international packing slip and commercial invoice, overlabels the parcel with a shipping label specific to the international destination, then aggregates freight by carrier and shipping method. Customs brokers perform item classification and assign the merchandise any and all harmonized systems codes required for efficient customs clearance.
  • Error Reduction. Exceptions are also managed at our hubs, with operators separating out any parcels that are damaged, appear to contain an incorrect quantity or appear to contain the incorrect items. In the event that a parcel contains restricted items or an incorrect quantity of items, we coordinate with the retailer to either arrange for the timely return of the damaged or incorrect merchandise, or to resolve the exception while the merchandise is still at the hub so that it can continue to its destination.
  • Full Track and Trace. As the parcel leaves our hubs, we send the consumer an international shipment confirmation e-mail, which includes a link to a page where the consumer can track his or her parcel’s progress and receive periodic delivery updates.
  • Electronic Customs Declaration and Clearance. While the parcel is in transit, a customs declaration is electronically sent to customs officers in the receiving country, and duty and VAT are paid or remitted in the consumer’s name. Pre-clearance of shipments while in transit allows many shipments to be inducted directly into the local delivery network.
  • Parcel Protection and Replacement Guarantee. Local, trusted delivery services are used in each international market to ensure a positive experience by the consumer. All parcels shipped by us have a parcel protection and replacement guarantee in case of any logistics issues that result in a lost or damaged parcel.
  • Returns Management. Borderfree processes consumer returns in accordance with their retailers’ return policies and automatically refund to the consumer original landed costs upon receipt at one of their third-party hubs or upon final receipt at their retailers’ return centers. All returns that are consolidated at their third-party hubs are then returned to their retailers’ designated returns centers.

Borderfree Customers

Borderfree customers are U.S.-based retailers, department stores, apparel brands and lifestyle brands selling a variety of physical goods online including apparel, handbags, jewelry, sporting goods, home décor, and toys.

The following is a representative list of Borderfree customers by category:

  • Department Stores: Barneys New York, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Sears
  • Brands: J.Crew, Aeropostale, Carter’s–OshKosh B’gosh, True Religion Brand Jeans, Under Armour, Lands’ End
  • Specialty Retailers: Motosport, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Sephora, Tilly’s, Williams-Sonoma
  • Online-only Retailers: Gilt Groupe,,, Warby Parker

About Borderfree

Borderfree, Inc. serves as an intermediary ecommerce service between buyers and sellers worldwide. The Company's services include multi-currency pricing and payment processing, landed-cost calculation, customs clearance and brokerage, global logistics orchestration, international fraud management, and customer-experience parity.

It operates a proprietary technology and services platform that enables retailers in the United States to transact with consumers in approximately 100 countries and territories worldwide.

The company’s customers include retailers, department stores, apparel brands, and lifestyle brands that sell a range of physical goods online, including apparel, handbags, jewelry, sporting goods, home decor, and toys.

Borderfree was formerly known as FiftyOne and changed its name to Borderfree in 2013. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York, United States. Borderfree was acquired by Pitney Bowes for $395 million in 2015.

At Borderfree, they believe that shopping from other countries should be fun and exciting—not a complicated hassle. It should be easy to discover all the international stores that ship to you, from everyday essentials to ultimate luxury. They know that buying directly from the source guarantees the newest and most authentic products. That you shouldn’t have to scour the internet to find a deal for your favorite stores. And that you deserve the convenience of secure checkout in your local currency and language.

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