Etsy Order Tracking

You can check the status of your order on the Purchases page on or on the Etsy app.

Most of the time once order is shipped it's handed over to partner delivery company such as FedEx, USPS, UPS.

You need to sign in to your Etsy account and find tracking number for your order which you can use to track package using our universal shipment tracker.

Etsy Order Tracking

If the seller added tracking information, you’ll see Track Package under the shipping status. Click Track Package to see tracking updates from the shipping carrier.

You can also use provided tracking number to get full picture of your package shipping process from seller home/warehouse to your door.

Etsy track order without account

If you don’t have an Etsy account, you’ll get an email when your order is shipped. If you want to contact the seller, you can reply directly to the email receipt you received when you purchased your order.

Etsy order stuck in transit

It's really frustrating when package get's stuck In Transit. You can try asking the seller to go to the USPS site and file "where is my mail" claim. You may have to do it 2-3 times - the tracking is showing "Moving to the next facility" for 3-5 days - that's the time to file a claim. Give it about 3 days, and the chances are they will find your package. If it doesn't help the seller need to contact the customer support.

Try submit a missing mail request, first, sometimes it may get the package moving again. It is not unusual for some delay even for Priority Mail, especially during these times.

If you brought your shipping label through Etsy, then for Priority Mail it is automatically insured up to $100. You can file a insurance claim for the lost/missing mail for Priority Mail after 15 days, but no later than 60 days. I would wait a bit more though before filing for insurance considering we're still in a pandemic as of February 2011.

Etsy order status

Next to your order on the Purchases page, you’ll see the shipping status:

  • Not Shipped : The seller hasn’t shipped the order yet or didn’t update the order on Etsy.
  • Shipped : The seller marked the order as shipped.
  • In Transit : The seller added a tracking number and the package has left the shipping facility.

You can also see shipping information in the shipping notification emails for your order. Click Track Package in the email notification to view the status of your delivery.

Why wasn't tracking information provided for my order?

Not all shipping methods include tracking information. You can contact the shop you bought rom to see if they have tracking information for your order.

Etsy guest order tracking

How do I track my order on Etsy as a guest? If you purchased using guest checkout, you'll receive a confirmation email once your order has shipped. If your seller has included a tracking number, you can click Track your package at the top of the email.

Find tracking number on the page that opens, then copy and paste it in parcel search field above on this page.

How long do Etsy packages stay in pre-transit?

It can stay in Pre-Transit till after the initial printing of the shipping label until the seller hands the package off to the shipper and the shipper scans it into the tracking system.

Some sellers print the shipping label days before the product is ready to ship.

Sometimes the shipper doesn’t scan the package into the system. There have been one or two times that my postman picked up a package and it was overlooked in the initial scanning process. I couldn’t track it until one of the stops on the way to the destination scanned it in.

What Is an Estimated Delivery Date?

The estimated delivery date is when your order should arrive. Generally, the estimated delivery date is based on a combination of the processing time for the items you ordered (how long it takes the seller to create and prepare them for shipment), the transit time (how long the package is typically in transit with the shipping carrier), and today’s date.

Processing time + Carrier transit time + 1 day = Estimated Delivery Date

For example: If the processing time for an item you purchased is 3-5 days, and the transit time for the shipping method you chose is usually 2-4 days, your estimated delivery date is 5-9 days from today.

Not all orders will have estimated delivery dates. Estimated delivery dates depend on the order’s shipping settings, which are set by the seller.

What Do I Do If I Didn’t Receive My Order or Item is Missing?

If you haven’t received your order, you should check if the shop shipped your order yet.

If your order is Not Shipped yet, contact the shop to see when the seller will ship your order.

If your item is Shipped, check if the seller added tracking information. Tracking information is provided by the shipping carrier and usually provides updates on where your order is in transit.

If no tracking information was provided, contact the seller to see if they have tracking information for your order.

If your order is Delivered but you haven’t actually received the item, there are a few things you can do.

  • Check with neighbors to see if the package was delivered to them accidentally.
  • Contact your local post office for help locating the package. Provide them with the tracking number, shipping service name, and your shipping address. You may have to reach out to the seller to get some of these details.
  • Ask the seller if they’ll assist you by opening a claim with the shipping service.

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