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VOVA Post Delivery Tracking

VOVA is a global platform connecting customers to available online stores around the world. VOVA ships worldwide. There may be particular locations that VOVA might require additional information for shipping, but such cases are rare.

When your Vova purchase is ready for shipping, package is sent to the courier/postal service, and assigned a unique tracking number. To track Vova packages, you need to find tracking number assigned to your order on the Vova order page.

How to track Vova order?

Enter the tracking number of the order into the tracking form above and click on the "Track Parcel" button to find out the latest information about your parcel from Vova.

Please note that the VOVA order number and tracking number are totally different numbers. To track your package via courier you need to enter tracking numbers.

With Parcels web site and apps you can track any Vova order directly with multiple couriers' websites.

Why did my package status not update for several days?

Sometimes it takes several days for the tracking information to be updated. If your shipment is from our international warehouses, it is in transit or clearing customs and the information will not be updated until it reaches the next shipping station (may need 3-7 days). Sometimes the shipping company has not updated the package information. We suggest that you wait a few more days.

Vova Logistics tracking

Packages sent by Vova Logistics can be easily tracked on our page dedicated to the logistics service of the Vova.com marketplace.

You can also Vova Logistics Standard Shipping on the same page.

Vova Logistics tracking numbers typically look like VO0123456789VA.


This is shipping method by Yanwen, orders are sent by airplane and usually arrive faster. Tracking numbers are similar to LP00067676558143, PCLP0009120818926650014, VO63002545327579976VA, UB1003153111YP, AA1016320815YN.

Vova Post CK1

This is shipping method by Chinese company Chukou1, and can be tracked using our service. Tracking numbers look like EYX180207AUW000370, HBM170501AJID000127.

Vova Post SF eParcel

This is shipping method by Chinese company SF-Express, and can be tracked using our service.

Vova Post SunYou tracking

This is shipping method by Chinese company SunYou (SyPost), and can be tracked using our service.

Vova Post China Post

This is shipping method by VOVA.com in collaboration with Chinese state postal company China Post, and can be tracked using our service.

VovaPost 4PX South China Economy

This is shipping method by VOVA.com in partnership with logistics company 4PX, and can be tracked using our service.

VovaPost – YW-AIR ECONOMY MAIL- Special Cargo

YW-AIR ECONOMY MAIL is a shipping method provided by Vova.com in partnership with Yanwen Logistics Company. Tracking numbers look like UBxxxxxxxxxYP and can be easily tracked using our service. Usually Yanwen will also provide last-mile tracking number which you can use to follow package in your destination country.

When will my Vova order be shipped?

Orders typically are shipped within 3-5 days. If your order has a 'Package awaiting shipment' status, then the seller is already preparing it for shipment.

How long does Vova shipping take?

Orders typically ship within 3-5 days. Shipping times vary based on the individual store and destination.

1.For new customers, you can find the specific delivery date of each product on the product detail page as soon as you set the shipping country

2.For shipped orders,to view estimated shipping times for your orders, please visit your Order History and click "DETAILS" for more information. You can track your package's delivery progress at any time from this area.

I can not track my Vova order?

If the tracking number does not work, do not worry. In some cases, sellers use a tracking numbers that operate only in domestic and are no longer recognized by the postal services as soon as the parcel crosses the border. Then, you just need to patiently wait few days more or go to pick it up in your local post office.

If you cannot find any update order status, and it has already passed the estimated delivery date, please be free to submit a refund request.

Vova Shipping

Vova ships for free worldwide. All they need from you is your most convenient shipping address. They say it takes 3-5 days to ship, and they’ll tell you how long shipping is likely to take before you check out.

Depending on what you’re actually buying, they say most orders take 15-30 days to arrive, but it may be faster if you’re ordering from Asia.

Vova Customer Service

There are a couple of ways you can reach out to Vova if you need something sorted out. You can email them on service@vova.com, Twitter pages using the handle @vovashop. They don’t have an onsite live chat though.

About Vova

Vova is your one stop online shopping mall featuring millions of high quality budget-products that are easy on your budget. VOVA introduces you to a whole world of worldwide affordable items featuring your favorite designs and popular accessories.

Vova is an international e-commerce company originally registered in Hong Kong(HK) where their offices are located. VOVA have been so happy with their success that they are exploring options to branch out into more areas. Stay connected and join VOVA as they continue to grow!

VOVA's team is always working hard to bring you the best deals and deepest discounts, being sure to offer you the best and most exciting products available. VOVA believes your shopping experience should be easy and fun. That’s why they developed Vova as an online store specializing in high quality products that are also budget-friendly, helping to make your shopping experience as fun and rewarding as possible.

Vova is an online fashion store that sells women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing including dresses, tops, trousers, shirts, jumpsuits, swimwear, jewelry and other fashion apparel. They also sell electronics and home improvement items. We couldn't find information about the owner nor when they opened shop. But they say they are located in Hong Kong, China, specifically Rm 901 Yip Fung Building 2-12 D'aguilar St Central HK.

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