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Yanwen Tracking in English

YANWEN is a leading industry provider of e-commerce comprehensive logistics solutions,intergrating our specialty, safe, efficient and rapid services to sellers with professional team and cost-benefit service concept.

Mainly shipping the registered mail in China, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lithuania, along wth YANWEN express, YANWEN line, meanwhile, agents DHL, TNT and UPS express services in China and Hong Kong.

When shopping in AliExpress or Wish Yanwen Logistics acts as a middleman between sellers and postal companies in destination countries. Its job it to pick up a package from seller, send it across China and hand it over to destination country postal service.

Yanwen Tracking in English

Get readable English statuses for Yanwen tracking numbers. We translate Chinese language statuses to English for Yanwen and other Chinese couriers.

Is Yanwen Reliable?

Yanwen has existed since 1998 and the Chinese merchants generally like to use this courier because of the optimal logistics solutions it proposes. In addition, Yanwen achieves the deliveries through partnerships with many international and popular postal and couriers such as DHL, UPS Express, China Post and many others.

Yanwen Tracking in USA

Yanwen often acts as an intermediary shipper from China to USA. After arriving to United States, Yanwen package it passed either to USPS Tracking or FedEx Tracking.

Yanwen Tracking Canada

Packages from China to Canada are often transported by Yanwen and then handed over to Canada Post.

Just enter your Yanwen or Canada Post trackin number to get it tracked across all possible carriers.

Yanwen Tracking in UK

Yanwen packages after arriving to United Kingdom are passed to and delivered by Royal Mail.

Yanwen Tracking in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal

Shipments to Europe from Yanwen frequently have tracking numbers staring with ABC like ABC97540540. Those shipments are usually transported by B2C Europe/TrackYourParcel.eu.

Yanwen Economic Air Mail Tracking

YANWEN Economic Air Mail is YANWEN's most common shipping option. A large number of AliExpress, Wish sellers ship small items with Yanwen Economic Airmail. Main disadvantage, such packages are traceable only within China borders.

Tracking numbers usually start with LP followed by digits and not trackable outside of China.

Yanwen Special Line-YW Tracking

Yanwen is usually reliable but very slow. Just enter your tracking number into search field above and click on Track Package button.

Yanwen Express AM tracking

Packages sent with YANWEN Express are trackable all the way from the seller through intermediate sorting centers and to your door/post office. Initially, Yanwen Express apckages have tracking number looking like VP123456786YP or UV123456789YP, which upon export from China will change to tracking ID looking like, e.g., LO123456789CN

Yanwen Tracking Number Format

The tracking code consists of two capital letters in the beginning, nine digits in the middle and two capital letters in the end. The letters YP at the end of the code indicate that Yanwen Express (Yanwen Post) is engaged in the transfer of your shipment.

Who delivers Yanwen in the USA?

Once the package leaves the China, it is delivered through the USPS or FedEx in the USA.

How long does Yanwen deliver to the USA?

The time taken for international shipments is 2 to 3 weeks, on average. The normal time of delivery to the USA is about 16-35 days depending on whether it is a regular post, an air express freight, air freight or ocean freight. But it could go up to 35-60 days in case of exceptional scenarios such as unfavorable weather conditions, remote areas, holidays, etc.

How long does Yanwen shipping take

For example, the Yanwen economic airmail option is a shipping method that only provides tracking information in China, and that generally takes between 6 to 25 days with normal conditions. Sometimes, it can take longer if there are exceptional circumstances such as national holidays, remote areas, bad meteorological events or again policy adjustments. With these special conditions, the Yanwen parcel should arrive within 35 to 60 days at the final destination. For international shipping, it usually takes 35 to 60 days too.

How can I contact Yanwen customer service?

For any query/questions about your Yanwen parcel, you can contact Yanwen customer service using the following phone numbers if you call from outside China: + 86 755 8251 2889.

The national service phone number (in China) is the following: 400-108-5656.

About Yanwen

Yanwen Express is a large Chinese company specializing in express delivery (including international delivery), as well as providing a full range of logistics services. The company began its activities in 1998. The main office is located in Beijing. Representative offices of Yanwen Express are located in 50 cities of China.

Yanwen Express uses roads, rail, and air to ship packages. In total, the company has more than 300 vehicles. Express delivery is available to 123 countries. On average, Yanwen Express sends more than 1.5 million packages per day. The company cooperates with many well-known trading platforms and couriers, including AliExpress, eBay, DHL, UPS. The delivery time for parcels from China is from 14 to 28 days.

With Parcels app, you can track the Yanwen Logistics shipments, as well as any package shipped from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.

Parcels on iPhone and Android

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Yanwen Logistics tracking statuses

Status Description
Assigned destination country post tracking number
Depart from airport of the original country
Arrived at Alataw Pass
Released from customs
Arrived at Malasevic station
Airline departure
Handed over to airline
Arrived at Shanghai Exchange Station
Arrive at sorting center
Leave sorting center
Sorting completed
Departed from Yanwen Facility
Process completed in Yanwen Facility
Picked up
Item is at agent warehouse
Item departed from origin
Item arrived to Istanbul
Item Forwarded to Destination Country
Item was uplifted to flight to destination country
Item arrived to destination country

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