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J&T Express Singapore (formerly is on a mission to enable successful e-commerce businesses, all across Southeast Asia. SimplyPost's vision is to be the leading end-to-end e-commerce solutions provider in Asia. We aim to do this by connecting the online and offline world with our innovative e-commerce solutions, global network, and world-class tech infrastructure.


Ecommerce Enabled Warehouse to manage your inventory and order processing – Store, Pick and Pack with full visibility.

Deliver your products safely and securely across borders. J&T Express allows you to choose from various channels to deliver internationally.

Make the last mile count by ensuring your packages reach your customer’s doorstep on time and in shape.

Cross-Border Shipping

Whether by sea or air, send your products safely and securely across borders.

Last Mile Delivery

Ensure your packages reach the customer’s doorstep on time and in shape.

About J&T Express

Founded in 2015, J&T Express is a Hong Kong-invested logistics company that operates in the Southeast Asia region - Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia. As a technology-based logistics company, J&T Express invests heavily in tech development with eCommerce express courier service as its core business. Established with express domestic and international delivery, J&T Express offers a variety of eCommerce solutions including warehouse and supply chain management. Crowned as a reputable and trusted logistics company, J&T Express is honoured to be in partnership with multiple top eCommerce platforms, eMarketplaces and brands.

J&T Express is SEA - Centric with a Global Outlook. It provides eCommerce solutions as its core business and tagline "Express Your Online Business" as its brand positioning. Its commitment to improve on the timeliness and accuracy of express delivery and quality of customer service is backed by a robust and sophisticated IT management system.

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J&T Express Singapore Tracking API

Create free API account and start tracking any shipment, freight, sea cargo and Air Waybill.

Get detailed information with maximum possible attributes about your shipments, latest status and location.

Create your own tracking page for your online shop, or integrate our shipment tracking API into your corporate messenger like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Designed for developers to easily integrate J&T Express Singapore tracking functionality

Parcels on iPhone and Android

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